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Project Philosophy

The authentic test of a religion is not what you believe or stand for - it's what you do. Unless your religion expresses itself in compassion and concern for all living things, we believe it is not authentic.

Our religious education and understanding is as normal as today's average adult citizen of the United States, so, it follows that we will never influence or effect any change with the general population, no matter how hard or long we try.

The name of our church, THE CHURCH OF THE SCIENCE OF GOD, INC. would suggest or appear to place us within the modern monotheism movement with a desire to define God in terms compatible with secular thinking. The Jesuit theologian Leonard Lessius ( 1554-1623 ) argued that the existence of God could be demonstrated scientifically, like any other fact. Where is his following today?

The 19th century German exponents of the Science of Judaism argued that their religion was a wholly rational faith. I doubt if we will add anything to the quest for ultimate meaning if they didn't.

Some eras have been particularly critical for God's history. During the so-called Axial Age ( 800 B.C. to 200 B.C. ), political and economic changes led to new religious ideologies throughout the known, civilized world like; Taoism and Confucianism in China, Buddhism and Hinduism in India, the rational philosophy of Plato and Aristotle in Greece, and differing concepts of monotheism in Israel and in Iran (Zoroastrianism).

Let's consider what we have to work with...

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