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Myth # 1 - “The Battle isn’t Real.”

Myth # 2 - “Life Began with Blind Chance.”

Myth # 3 - “We Can Have Morality Without Religion.”

Myth # 4 “Whatever is Legal is Moral.”

Myth # 5 - “Morality Cannot be Legislated.”

Myth # 6 - “The Role of Men & Women is Interchangeable.”

Myth # 7 - “A Fetus in Not Human.”

Myth # 8 - “We can Ignore the Ghost of Karl Marx.”

Myth # 9 - “Pornography is a Harmless Adult Pleasure.”

Myth # 10 - “The Church Should Have No Voice in Government.”

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MYTH - Number One. “The Battle Isn’t Real.”

A national news reporter asked a pedestrian, “Do you know what the two greatest problems in America today are?” “I don’t know and I really don’t care! the man responded. “Then you have both of them right!” was the abrupt reply by the reporter.

Although our nation is rotting on the inside and hostile forces are determined to take away our freedom, our greatest problem might just be that there are too many people who neither know or care about what’s happening. Not until all is lost will many awake to the painful reality that America as we once knew it is gone, long gone! As humanism moves society farther away from Christian values, it will become increasingly intolerant of competing viewpoints.

In a smear campaign aimed at what Norman Lear calls “the new right,” Christians have been painted in the same hues as the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. Because Christians believe in the freedoms that America has enjoyed for 200 years, they are now considered the lunatic fringe. Make no mistake about the intention of these secularists: It is to discredit the voice of Christians so that America will tolerate only one view. The battle lines are between two religions: Humanism vs. Judeo-Christian beliefs. Clearly, two world-views are on a collision course.

History documents the final results of an intolerant humanistic state. According to some reliable estimates, Chairman Mao of China is credited with the death of 30 million Chinese; Stalin with 30-60 million Russians and then Hitler with only 15 million people, of which 6 million were Jews. All these unfortunate people died because the state believed that matter was the final reality, hence there is no God, no immorality, no final judgement. God was dethroned and the state was put in its place.

MYTH - Number Two. “Life Began With Blind Chance.”

Today, 1986, the doctrine of evolution is in great disarray. Although the man on the street may not know it yet the theory of evolution is now in the final stages of being dismantled through the many modern-day discoveries. Darwinism has fallen on real hard times. Even the most prestigious French Academy of Science through its head spokesman candidly admitted, “Evolution is a fair tale for adults.”

But, that is not what the public at large hears or has been hearing. The famous criminal lawyer of his day, Clarence Darrow once argued in the famous 1925 Scopes “monkey” Trial that it is “bigotry for public schools to teach only one theory of origins.” Now that evolution is entrenched in our public schools educational programs, the American Civil Unions, despite its own cries on behalf of pluralism, insists that only one theory of origins be taught. Bigotry has returned to the public classroom big-time.

To settle for evolution or “the big bang” theory without God begs a thousand scientific questions. Just where did the original energy and matter come from? What caused the explosion? How could impersonal forces acting randomly construct a universe whose planets rotate with such precision that we can set our clocks by them? It is preposterous to believe that “nothing times nobody equals everybody!”

Aldux Huxley once responded to the question of why evolution was so readily accepted. He answered with this admission “the reason we accept Darwinism even without proof is because we didn’t want God to interfere with our sexual mores.” There you have it. The real reason modern man does not want to believe in God is he wants no interference from the Creator. While many scientists secretly admit that evidence for the evolutionary fairy tale is really crumbling, they refuse to run towards God. If one does not wish to find God, he defiantly will not----regardless of the evidence. Yet, if man is only a biological accident, the product of chance chemical reactions of impersonal forces, it is virtually impossible to make any distinction between right and wrong.

MYTH - Number Three. “We Can Have Morality Without Religion.”

On November 17, 1980, a mere six years ago, the United States Supreme Court struck down a Kentucky law that required the posting of the Ten Commandments in public school rooms. The Supreme Court stated in their opinion that the Ten Commandments were “plainly religious”.......... and may induce children to read, meditate upon, perhaps to even venerate and to obey the commandments.” Morality and religion can never be separated. In fact, the very essence, the very basis of morality is the existence of God!

When the Supreme Court asked (ordered) that the Ten Commandments be removed from Kentucky classrooms they had no moral code to replace them. Logically, all that would be left is a blank wall. When religion is removed, morality goes too.

Ironically, humanists at times do talk about morality. But, when they do, they piggy-back on the Judeo-Christian ethic. When they do believe in human dignity, freedom and peace, they are assuming a theistic view of the world. For those of humanistic thinking were also created in God’s image and were given a moral consciousness, even though they may fail to recognize its origin.

We have not yet seen the full results of humanism in the United States, because we are still coasting on the values derived from our old rich Judeo-Christian heritage. But what of the generations to follow? As that heritage fades, as it surely will, everyone will be permitted to do whatever seems right in their own eyes in a world of very twisted values, where morality is ridiculed and evil becomes a virtue. God clearly pronounces judgement on those who will “call evil good, and god evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness” (see Isa. 5:20).

MYTH - Number Four. ”Whatever is Legal is Moral.”

At the war crimes trials in Nuremberg, Germany, Hitler’s henchmen argued that they had not broken any laws. Germany’s own legal system , they contended, permitted the elimination of those who impeded the advancement of the Third Reich. Adolph Eichmann protested before his execution, “I had to obey the laws of war and my flag.” In our very own country, a group protesting at an abortion clinic were charged with slander because they had called abortionists “murderers.” The abortionists argued, as had the accused at Nuremberg: You can’t call someone who isn’t breaking the law a murderer. Both the experience of Nuremberg and today’s silent holocaust in our abortion clinics bear eloquent witness to the fact that when a state believes it is accountable to no one except itself, it assumes a hidden premise: that whatever is legal is moral!

Robert H. Jackson, chief council for the United States in the Nuremberg Trials, was forced to appeal to permanent values, to moral standards transcending the lifestyles of a particular society. In effect, he argued that there is “a law beyond the law” that stood in judgement on the arbitrary changing opinions of man. Today, the shape of America is being altered by use of the same strategy. The Supreme Court of the United States, influenced by the humanistic tends, has helped to brainwash our people to believe that whatever is legal is moral. They would argue that there is no law above human laws.

This is defiantly not the case of our founding fathers. Whether individually Christian or not, there was a general consensus of theism, the belief that God existed and the new republic was based upon this foundation. This understanding profoundly influenced their view of law and governments. As the Christian world view has faded, America has turned not to the laws of God, but to what Francis Schaeffer called “sociological law. Law is only what the majority wants, or what the judges say it is.

Thus in 1973, (13 short years ago) The Supreme Court of the United States invalidated the abortion laws of 50 states and legalized abortion on demand. Just where did the Supreme Court get the notion that a woman has a “right” to an abortion? Such a right is not found anyplace in the constitution of the United States. Well, the court just made it up! Like Napoleon, it crowned itself emperor-------answerable to no one------not even the American people. Such distortions of “rights” has also opened the doors to pornography, under the guise of a free press, and to the offense of the public ast large. As Christians we must explode the myth that whatever is legal is moral. What men make legal is not necessary moral.

MYTH - Number Five. “Morality Cannot be Legislated.”

Secular humanists would like us to believe that they are broad-minded, pluralistic and neutral in moral matters. They are opposed to censorship, sectarianism and intolerance. The media has done a highly successful job of getting the American people into believing that it is the so-called right wing religious fanatics who are seeking to “impose their morality on society.” But, all laws are an imposition on someone’s morality. This is why the statement, “You cannot legislate morality” as it stands is absurd.

Secular humanism is imposing its own morality on the American public. It does so through the media, the schools and the courts. There is a clear intent to keep Christian thinking out of the mainstream of the media and the nation’s political life. When Francis Schaeffer’s film, Whatever Happened to the Human Race? was shown on a television station in Washington, D.C. pro-abortionists exerted all the influence they could muster to prevent if from being shown. (Liberal establishments are strangely silent about the pluralism and open-mindedness they verbally espouse when the cause contradicts their own.) Even after the showing, the Washington Post ran an article entitled, “No matter How Moving, Show Still Propaganda.” Thus the media ridiculed the program with loaded terminology. One editor admitted that the only religious news story that the press likes to do is a scandal.

When a book entitled, “How to Have Sex With Children,” was confiscated by the Chicago police, several demonstrators marched in protest, insisting that pornographers should have unlimited privileges. But, neither prayer nor a creationist view is allowed in the classroom.

As columnist George Will put it so ably, “And it is, by now, a scandal beyond irony that thanks to the energetic litigation of ‘civil liberties’ fanatics, pornographers enjoy expansive first amendment protection while first graders in a nativity play are said to violate first amendment values.”

No law is neutral. Every law imposes some form of morality on society. Abortionists impose their morality on the unborn. Homosexuals want their views flaunted in the public school classroom. Atheists want religious influence excluded from public life. Some politicians, in an attempt to remain “neutral” on such issues as abortion and side step the flak, sat they are personally opposed to abortion but would never “impose their values on society.”

If so how does this sound to you?

“I personally would never gas a Jew, but I have no right to impose my moral judgement on the Nazis.....I don’t think the courts have the right to reach into someone’s private gas chamber and legislate morality.” The question is not whether the public will allow religion to “impose its morality” on America. Morality will be imposed. The real question is: Whose morality will be legislated?

MYTH - Number Six. “The Role of Men and Women is Interchangeable.”

On the surface it may seem that every Christian should be in favor of such legislation as the ERA. If we take seriously the biblical teaching that women are created in the image of God, they certainly are entitled to equal rights. Yet behind the proposed amendment lies a deception. If ERA had been ratified, it would have brought a sweeping restructure of society, with devastating attack on the family and morality in general. The amendment would likely destroy America as we know it.

The radical feminists who so vociferously back the movement want, first of all, to end the institution of marriage. Sheila Cronan speaks for many of them when she writes, “Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the Women’s Movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.” These same feminists want freedom from the burden of children. There can be no equality, they insist, as long as the woman is a homemaker, Moreover, the children, they say, should be reared by another, namely the state. The Houston Conference for Women, sponsored by N.O.W., called for federally-funded day care centers around the clock, seven days a week. Society as a whole, they insist, should bear the burden. Lenin pursued this philosophy in Russia. So has Cuba. And Communist China. It is nothing new. It is a Marxist solution.

The National Organization for Women opposes the right of churches to make any differentiation between men and women. Their refusal to ordain homosexuals could soon be interpreted as “contrary to public policy,” and homosexual teachers could flaunt their lifestyle in the public classroom. Meanwhile, in an incredibly ridiculous project, even the World Council of Churches has released a Biblical Lectionary that omits all gender-based terms, including all references to God as “He.”

Both the Scriptures, and the overwhelming majority of the public at large, still continue to make clear distinctions between male and female. To disregard these differences is to invite the further disintegration of our beautiful America.

MYTH - Number Seven. “A Fetus Is Not Human.”

This very day.(Copyright @ 1986, Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation. First printing, January 1986) as we print this article for publication for you to read, some 4,300 preborn babies will be legally put to death----------- under the protection of the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe vs. Wade. 1973.

In earlier days in America having an abortion was the last act of a very desperate woman. Today, it is said that now less than 97% of all abortions occur simply for convenience sake. It has now become the nation’s favorite method of birth control. Wrote Peter Singer in Pediatrics. “We can no longer base our ethics on the idea that human beings are a special form of creation made in the image of God and singled out from all other animals.” Babies’ bodies have been sold by the bag. They are used in some cosmetics and for experimentation. In one well-known hospital, the sale of preborn babies brought in $68,000 in a short ten year period.

Justice Harry Blackman, author of the 64-page document that came from the Roe vs. Wade decision, said that objection to abortion came mainly from two sources: the oath of Hippocrates and Christianity. Since the oath specifically forbids abortion, the Court wrestled with its influence but concluded that, in the context of general opinion, “ancient religions did not bar abortion.” . As for Christianity, it was apparently dismissed by the court because of the separation of church and state. In effect, the Court omitted two thousand years of Judeo-Christian influence and reached back into paganism to find a basis for its moral judgement.

Those scholars that have studied the document in detail confess that it is a mix of illogical reasoning and nonsequiturs Justice Byron White dissented on the decision and said, “I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court’s judgement.” As a result of this tragic decision, as of this date, more than 18 million unborn children have had their lives snuffed out---------10 times the total number of Americans lost in all of our nation’s wars. Today, abortion is big business. With 1.5 million abortions each year at an average cost of $350 each, abortion clinics are racking in over a half billion dollars a year (on a daily basis that comes to 1½ million dollars .)

How could our justices have blundered so badly? The answer: they bowed to the pressure of feminists who were calling for abortion on demand as a legitimate right. It is what happened on the bench one hundred years ago, when the Dred Scott decision denied the black his right to freedom and relegated blacks to the status of “non-persons:------for personal convenience. The decision was also the result of the “new morality” of the Sixties. 75 % of all those who have abortions are unmarried. Abortion has become the “mopping up operation” from a breakdown in moral values.

MYTH - Number Eight “We Can Ignore the Ghost of Karl Marx.”

We surely cannot ignore the man who rules nearly one-half of the world’s population from his grave. The magnetic power of Marxism is unparalleled in human history, impacting peoples from China to Moscow, from Cuba to Central America.”Liberation theology,” so popular in Latin America, has attempted to combine some elements of Marxism with Christianity in an attempt to rectify the gross inequities that exist between the rich and poor, the powerful and the weak.

Capitalism is seen as the root of all evil in the world. Marx believed that if private property were abolished, all prejudices and injustices would vanish. Incredibly, this myth is widely believed. In the United States, Sojourners magazine, with a circulation nearing 40,000, attempts to combine Christianity with a leftist political stance. It is committed to liberation theology both for Central America and the United States. Over a period of six years it has criticized numerous countries for human rights violations, but not once was a Marxist-Leninist country named. Marxist countries are always portrayed favorably, capitalistic regimes are denounced. All the while the editors claim to be expounding biblical Christianity. It seem incredibly that a system that has already annihilated millions worldwide, and that continues to slaughter innocent peoples in nations like Afghanistan, should be held up as an answer to “human rights.”

When Russia, just three years ago, in 1983 shot down a Korean jetliner with nearly 400 people aboard, there was a great outcry from the West.

Those who did not understand Marxism expressed dismay that the Soviets would kill innocent passengers riding in what was known to be an unarmed passenger plane. But such atrocities are in perfect accord with a Marxist notion that individuals have no inherent rights-----only those conferred by the state. Those who stand in the way of the state’s goals can be legally eliminated.

Clearly, very clearly, the ghost of Marx was present when the Supreme Court of the United States gave woman an absolute right to an abortion without the interference by the father or grandparents of the child. The Roe vs, Wade argument: “the state has no compelling interest in the life of the unborn..........” Abortion was legalized simply because the state saw no reason to protect the life of the unborn! Marxism has failed miserably, however, in part because of its defective view of human nature.

Radical feminists in this country derive much of their vision from the literature of Socialism. They admit, in fact, that their goals cannot be reached in as capitalistic society. As Lenin put it, “We cannot be free if one-half of the population is enslaved in the kitchen.” Nor can a country be free, says Communist doctrine, if parents have the right to teach their children religion. When Thomas Jefferson spoke of a wall between church and state, it was intended to prevent state religion, not the Christian view. Marxist countries place a firm wall between church and state. It is permissible to have Christian ideas, perhaps, as long ass these in no way spill over to the person’s lifestyle in society, or his views in the public arena. This is the new understanding of the separation of church and state that is being heralded in America.

MYTH - Number Nine. “Pornography Is a Harmless Adult Pleasure.”

Our glorious nation is drowning in a sea of sensuality. With explicit magazines, sensual movies, and video tapes readily available to anyone of any age, we are rotting from the inside out. One-half of all divorces today take place because of adultery----often encouraged by pornography

Charley H. Keating, Jr., in a report to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, reports that a recent study by the Michigan State Police, using a computer to classify over 35,000 sex crimes in that state alone over a 20 year (1965-1985) period, found that 43% were pornography-related. Pornography gives a distorted view of human sexuality. It stresses the erotic without so much as giving a hint as to where this path will lead in your life. No one can calculate the number of divorces, the emotional scars, the bondage and the guilt that pornography has brought to America. Only a massive effort on the part of thousands of citizens can possibly stem the rush to judgement that this plague has already brought.

I am most thankful for the National Federation for Decency that wages the battle against pornography. Some important gains have been made. There are now cities in the United States where adult book shops have ben closed because of the insistence of citizens that the laws be applied.

Millions of decent citizens could, if they decided to, boycott those stores where pornography is sold. Once the impact of that boycott is felt financially, pornography could be severely restricted. The Attorney General of the United States should receive “a blizzard of mail” requesting the enforcement of the federal law that prohibits obscene material from moving in interstate commerce.

For many Christians the movie theatre used to be taboo. However, today’s generation of Christians, by and larged, regard it as neutral----- a place that can show good or evil. Encouraged by such films as The Sound of Music, our generation began to select what movies it would see. But, it soon became difficult, if not impossible, to draw the line. Christians who began to atend movies that were more risque would comment, “The movie was great.....if only, one or two of the scenes would have been cut.” Offenses were thereby tolerated, most often with the excuse that “it was no worse than what you see on TV today.”

Because of the explosive power of sexuality, that invisible line was pushed farther and still farther down the slippery path of sensuality. Young people particularly were bound to find ways to see sexually provocative movies, and then tell each other. Once their appetite was whetted, they became addicted. Many, many parents lost control of the situation with their sons and daughters, then wondered why the “looseness” in their children’s moral views and behavior

Now, with the video explosion and cable TV, everything is up for grabs.

Only the people of God can arrest our slide into the cesspool of sensuality. But, the question, today, is do we have the moral fiber to put our house in order so that we can speak to the world?

MYTH - Number Ten. “The Church Should Have No Voice In Government.”

In the early days of America, Christians took leadership in Government without any thought that Christianity and politics don’t mix. Only after the modernists-fundamentalists controversy did fundamentalism withdraw from the political arena. That gave the secularist a grand opportunity to entrance themselves in the political process. Thankfully, the situation is changing as Christians become more aware of their responsibility towards God in Government. We must agree with Daniel Webster that “whatever makes men good Christians makes them good citizens.”

As individuals we can be a part of the political process. In politics we must fight for the candidates that comes closest to the ideals that we hold dear, all the time recognizing that no one can agree with us on each and every issue. However, our priority, as Christians, is still the gospel. And our message must be loud and clear: repent, or judgement of some kind is inevitable, a huge defense budget not-withstanding. We cannot apply a political solution to what is essentially a spiritual problem.

Despite such dangers, we can be, and we are, thankful for groups which have inspired Christians to become active in politics. History may record that it was the participation of Christians in politics in the 1980's that awakened this nation from its slide into the abyss of moral oblivion. Nazism triumphed in Germany, at least in part, because the church voiced very little or no opposition to Hitler’s brazen political methods and calloused moral behavior. Thanks in part to the convictions, initiative and recent writings of concerned men of God, the evangelical church in America has assumed a new vigor in the realm of politics and society.

Copyright 1986,
Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation,
Philadelphia pgs.81-90.

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