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In the February issue of Men’s journal, Clint Eastwood, self-described libertarian and heralded director of “Mystic River,” gives 10 rules a real man should live by.

                           His list goes like this:

                           1. Call your own shots.

                           2. Be fearless.

                           3. Keep moving.

                           4. Love your job.

                           5. Speak softly.

                           6. Don’t be predictable.

                           7. Find a good woman.

                           8. Learn the piano.

                           9. You are what you drive.

When discussing the subject of make-overs, Clint expresses I misgivings about the Queer Eye guys ever getting their hands on Dirty Hairy. He says , those guys would put me in a pair of Britney Spears jeans ------you know, the ones that show the crack in you’re a**. Maybe even throw a tattoo on my tail-bone.”

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The Left Coast Report (the source of this informative “live by” list knows the divinely “original Ten” will always rule, but Clint’s tips could come in handy in dealing with “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” parts of life, keeping out of “The Line of Fire” and living life with “Magnum Force.”

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