JUNE 1949

NEURAL TECHNIQUE—”Two University of Chicago physiologists, Ralph W. Gerard and Robert T Tschirgi, have succeeded in keeping a large section of a rat’s spinal cord alive and functioning outside the animal’s body. Placed in a trough after dissection, it is supplied with blood or an artificial nutrient through the spinal-cord arteries. Gerard and Tschirgi have already found five distinct substances capable of furnishing energy for nerve. (Glucose had previously been considered the only energy source.) They have also been able to demonstrate that spinal-cord function—in apparent contrast to accepted theories of brain function—can be restored after as much as 30 minutes of oxygen or glucose deprivation.”

Ancient SlaveryANCIENT SLAVERY— “During the past century and a half the civilized world has rightly come to regard slavery as a degradation of human values and an economic and social stupidity. For 3,000 years of pre-Christian history, on the other hand, no ethical misgivings can be detected in the legislation set up to control slave systems, whether old Babylonian, old Hittite, Assyrian, or the Hebrew of the Old Testament.

Our illustration right below reproduces a bas-relief on the tomb of the Pharaoh Harmhah, who lived around 1350 B.C. The bas-relief shows a group of Negro captives guarded by Egyptian soldiers. At the right a scribe keeps tally of the prisoners, captured by Harmhab after one of his military expeditions in surrounding countries.

 JUNE 1899

MIND AND MEDICINE— “Dr. Edward C. Spitzka, of New York, the noted alienist, has recently given several really remarkable instances of the power of mental suggestion. ‘In the graver forms of hysteria,’ says Dr. Spitzka, ‘when loss of sensation occurs in exactly one-half the body, you can lay a piece of tinted paper on the sensitive side; then suggesting it to be a mustard plaster, a red area will appear on the corresponding unsensitive side.’ Such blisters have produced permanent scars in similar cases. It is quite possible that the extent to which this mental suggestion may be advantageously employed is not fully appreciated by the medical profession.”

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