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  1967 - 1993 25th Anniversary

1993 – In Review



Martin Scorsese’s impeccable yet daring adaptation of an Edith Wharton novel brings together a gentle man (Daniel-Day Lewis) and a worldly woman (Michelle Pfeiffer). But the true subject is reticence, its charms and perils—the mannerly, orderly life that most of us try to live. Tiptoeing through the plush parlors of old Manhattan, the film finds passion in the kissing of a lady’s wrist, and heartbreak in a sigh. Scorsese has composed a tragic opera, sung in whispers.


 An unlikely, enigmatic hero rescues 1,100 Polish Jews from the Holocaust.Epic cinema, tragic drama, Steven Spielberg’s austere but monumental film is an act of remembrance that transcends the ordinary critical categories.

3 Léolo

Little boy lost: French-Canadian writer-director Jean-Claude Lauzon takes this old theme and replaces its sentimentality with surrealism. No family could be more horrifying than little Leo’s, no movie bolder in fashioning domestic tragedy into art.

4 In the Name of the Father — Daniel Day-Lewis is brilliant as Gerry Conlon, the Belfast lad falsely accused of I.R.A. terrorism and imprisoned with his long- suffering dad. Jim Sheridan’s movie is informed by an angry passion for justice.

5 Farewell My Concubine

To make this show-biz epic, director Chen Kaige may have risked his professional life. This half-century panorama of the Peking Opera is at heart a swirling enter-tainment—outsize passions drawn on a vast, colorful canvas.

6 The Snapper

A fractious Dublin family faces an awkward fact: the eldest daughter is soon to give birth to an illegitimate baby. This crowded, wayward, funny film, written by Roddy Doyle and directed by Stephen Frears, is a hymn to family values without the usual piety.

7 Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Every Burton film is Halloween scary and candy-cane sweet. So it’s apt that he dreamed up this stop-motion fable about a Halloween ghoul who wants to play Santa Claus. Nightmare is Disney’s weirdest cartoon ever: chilly, rollicking, endlessly inventive. And it’s animated by Danny Elfman’s magical-spookical score. is this the first Hollywood musical to set every one of its 10 songs in a minor key

8 King of the Hill

In Depression-era St. Louis, a 12- year-old (played with wary, wily reserve by Jesse Bradford) mobilizes both imagination and practicality to survive on his own after his family breaks up. Director Steven Soderbergh takes a strong-minded look at a hard-luck life.

9 Like Water for Chocolate

Home cooking is the sorcery of the oppressed. In this sprawling banquet of a romantic Mexican melodrama, forbidden love finds the recipe for fulfillment—even if it takes a lifetime and beyond. Sreenwriter-novelist Laura Esquivel and her husband, director Alfonso Arau, capture a savory passion that comes straight from the hearth.

10 Shadowlands.

The oddest of couples. An emotionally choked Oxford don, literary critic, fairy-tale writer and Christian apologist meets a high-spirited American poet, and they find a transforming moment of happiness in confronting her imminent demise. Richard Attenborough’s film gains strength from the performances of Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger as the live-and-learn lovers.

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