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1993 – In Review

BEST MUSIC of 1993.


Sons of Soul (Polygram) This trio may hail from Southern California, but they left their hearts in Motown. The Tonys evoke past greats such as the Jackson Five with vibrant vocals and melodies, but they never settle for mere imitation. No computer beats, no fakery: the Tonys are a real band, with real instruments, who have brought the art of R&B songwriting back to the future.

2. Billy Joel

River of Dreams (Columbia). The Piano Man time-travels through a song cycle that begins on the emotional edge and ends baptized in hope and harmony. River of Dreams revives a pop era when hooks were called melodies and a strong man could

show a sweet side.

3. Ella Fitzgerald

The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books (Verve). Porter, Ellington, Berlin, the Gershwins: Fitzgerald honored them all, and while she was at it set herself up not only as a great jazz vocalist but as a trusted custodian of some of American pop’s richest treasure.

4. Handel: The Water Music

John Eliot Gardiner conducting the English Baroque Soloists (Philips). Gardiner’s

 original-instruments essay of Handel’s ebullient instrumental suite excels for the crisp precision and unerring intonation of the playing, and for its irresistible rhythmic energy.

5. Digahle Planets

Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space) (Pendulum).

Combining upscale jazz and proletarian hiphop, Digable Planets has brought two sides of the black experience together, uniting buppies and b-boys from Howard University to Howard Beach.

6. Gavin Bryars

Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet (Point Music). An old derelict sings a religious anthem in a raspy voice, accompanied by a loop of the song with Bryars’ kalei- doscopic underpinning of strings, winds and horns, with Tom Waites concluding with a 10-minute duet of almost mystic poignancy. The new-music album of the year.

7. Emmylou Harris

Cowgirl s Prayer (Asylum). In her 22nd album, country music’s hippest traditionalist turns to God as the best part of life: wise parent, firm friend, ultimate beau. This sheaf of fine songs and intimate readings makes divine love sound like a kiss in the back of a pick-up. If there’s a honky-tonk in heaven, (there has to be) Harris will be the star act on stage.

8. Smashing Pumpkins

Siamese Dream (Virgin). This co-ed group stood out because it dared to criticize the sometimes pretentious nature of the alternative rock scene. Cool albums date as quickly as milk in a convenience store; Siamese remains compelling after repeated listening.

9. Dvorak: Complete Piano Trios

The Lanier Trio (Gasparo). The Dvorak piano trios are glories of the chamber- music literature; the sorrow and the pity is that they are little known. The Lanier Trio—William Preucil, violin; Dorothy Lewis, cello; and Cary Lewis, piano—lavish impeccable ensemble and golden tone on each piece.

10. Ice Cube

Lethal Injection (Priority). Ice Cube’s raps about police brutality and white immorality enter the ear and expand in the brain like a Black Talon bullet. His lyrics

are sometimes inexcusable, but his logic is often inescapable, disgusted with a system that offers only drive-by compassion, ignore his high-caliber insights at Treasures. your peril.

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