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  1967 - 1993 25th Anniversary

1993 – In Review


1. Noire Dame vs. Florida State

Two unbeaten powerhouses, No.1 and No. 2, met with the innocent hype only the college game can provide. And then an upset, as the Irish sedated the favored Seminoles for three quarters and hung on a for 31-24 palpitator. Why, it was the Game of the Century—for one week, until Notre Dame lost to Boston College on that game’s last play. FSU was restored to the top of the polls—by writers and coaches—when it overcame undefeated Nebraska in the Orange Bowl. Attention, NCAA: Give those scholar-athletes some exercise in December by holding an eight- or 16-team tournament.

2. Evander Holyfield vs. Riddick Bowe

The former champ was supposed to be too small, too old, too darned nice to regain his heavyweight title against Bowe’s imposing bulk. In their furious November bout, the only advantage Evander had was a huge heart. His victory was a comeback of class.

3. The N.F.L vs. Sominex

Pro football has become the 60-yard game, as conservative teams trudge (one-two-three, kick) between the red zones. Teams settle for wussy little field goals (up 47% this year) instead of going for the big manly touchdown (up only 12%). And once again the behemoth National Conference seemed headed for lopsided victory in the Stupor Bowl. So why would the Fox network want to pay $1.58 billion for four years of this No-Fun League?


4. Mitch Williams vs. the Strike Zone

The Wild Thing’s eccentric fast ball had helped the Philadelphia Phillies beat the superior Atlanta Braves in the play-offs, but in the World Series against Toronto, he lost all sense .of navigation and blew two crucial games. The closer has closed in Philly: he was abruptly traded to Houston.


5. Steffi Graf vs. the Ghost of Monica Seles

With Wimbledon, French and U .S. Open victories, Fräulein Forehand had her best year. Yet still hovering like the shade of Banquo was this question: What if Seles had not been stabbed on the court by a man who said he did it to help Steffi be No. 1? (He was later convicted but sentenced to only two years’ probation.)


6. Chinese Women Runners vs. Vegetarians

Wang Junxia and her teammates shattered world records in the 10,000 meters, 3,000 meters and 1,500 meters during one very memorable weekend at the Chi- nese National Games in Beijing. Their coach credited their success in part to a diet spiced with gourmet dried worms.

7. Michael Jordan vs. Himself

The wonder warrior led his Chicago Bulls to a three-peat N.B.A. title. He conquered Madison Avenue with his thousand-megawatt smile. He battled the press

over inquiries into his high-stakes gambling. But after his father’s murder this summer, Jordan decided he’d had enough of fighting. His retirement stunned the hoop world and left the top spot in sport stardom vacant.

8. England vs. France

When the World Cup comes to the U.S. in 1994, this is the vaunted match-up that won’t take place; both teams were eliminated in the trials. Americans will still be treated to a summer clinic in the world’s most popular sport—and without the antics of Britain’s soccer hooligans.

9. Leon Lett vs. His Brain

From showboat to goat: in the Super Bowl, this defensive star’s premature TD celebration cost his Dallas Cowboys a touchdown. On Thanksgiving the Cowboys lost to Miami because Lett couldn’t keep his hands off a loose ball. This hotdog keeps ending up a wiener.

10. The Fans vs. Miss Manners

The Fan Man parachutes onto the ropes during the Bowe-Holyfield brawl. Wisconsin fans run amuck after their football team beats Michigan. Saints’ QB Wade Wilson collapses, and hometown boors cheer. Now behave, people, or we’ll send Vince Coleman after you.

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