One of the Three Men Was Blind

Three men, one was blind, were sentenced to die.
The King offered them a last chance:
          ďI have three white hats and two red ones.
          I will put a hat on each of you,
          but you will only be able to see each otherís hats.
Anyone, that can tell me what color hat heís wearing will be pardoned.

The first man guessed, and failed.
(That proves either the second man or the blind man wore a white hat)
The second man guessed, and failed.
It was obvious to the blind man when his turn came to guess that his hat was white.

Think for a minute:-

The first man saw one hat of each color. No help, he chose white.
The second man saw one hat of each color No help either He picked white.
Remember, there were three white hats, better odds with white.

The blind man couldnít see----but he could sure think.

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