The SEVEN “Invisibles.”

By: Jacquelyn Small


D R. ERNEST HOLMES once said it is a shame to put causation outside us, allowing illusion rather than truth to be our guide. Once named, you will recognize these misuses of mind more specifically. Here they are:

          The persona—the social mask you wear by habit, making you unreal. But paradoxically, you’ll never be fulfilled as long as you wear it.

          The shadow—your unloved side, those parts of yourself you deny, for they disgust you. Until we own our shadow side, however, it will show up, acting awful, when we least expect it!

          Complexes—the imprisonments of past issues we ye never cleared, such as an authority figure hangup, a savior complex, or a martyr complex. Whatever you invest too much energy in is suspect.

          Fantasies and wishful thinking— that waste our precious energy by pre-occupying us with things that are unattainable, when all along, reality itself is the highest adventure.

          Limited thought— those stagnant, boring stances such as biases, literal-ismns. or ignorance that keep us narrow-minded and judgmental, unable to flow with new ideas. Open minds are full of light, and they delight!

          Projections—laying our attitudes and judgments on those who express what we won’t accept in ourselves. Using negative projection, we label others as “bad.” Positive projections idealize others to the detriment of our own selt-empower-memit. With drawing projections frees us.

          Ego defènses— all those reactions we use to hold others and ourselves away from knowing what we truly fear. We’ll deny, argue, repress, inflate, or intellect-ualize—yet only by owning our truth can we become trustworthy and live in true comfort in all our relations.


                                             Jacquelyn Small is the founder of the                                                                 Eupsychia Institute, P.O. Box 3090,

                                                                        Austin, TX 78764

                                                                                  (800) 546-2795; or

                                                                                             Fax (512,) 327-6043

Her new book,

Becoming a Practical Mystic,

                    available from DeVorss.

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