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I f one studies Science and Technology one finds what is really important to a human being. In other words-----what part of us cannot be made into a modern machine! Here lies the answer to our goals, to our real purpose for being on this plane of existence at this time. A modern machine can calculate, record, memorize, recall and replay all the knowledge put into the machine accurately-----BUT----it lacks feeling, emotions, love, understanding and a faith, with tolerance for all. Think about this! It also cannot work without a human-being directing it.

Could you, as an individual, be contented to go from home to home and be greeted there by a machine, even though it could quote all the great works of philosophers, poets, writers, and even the teachings of Christ and His disciples? When you go to the store or market a robot greets you and waits on you, even says, “Thank you.” Would you be contented? Maybe, for a real short time, but unless we feel that the robot has a little concern or feelings towards us we would not continue going there. What is really important to all of us? It’s our own inner feelings, our deep yearning to be liked or loved and accepted for what we are now.

This is part of the “wrong” that has to be made “right.” We are really spending too much time making modern machines with constructive and destructive forces and we are neglecting the greatest God made (machine) instrument, so very intricate that no human can duplicate it, and that is a “human being!

Each human being has the capacity to build anything we can think of in a material way, but all the brains in this world cannot make a “human soul.” How rich are we, how unique are we as individual? You cannot be duplicated no mater how science advances! So use your individuality to give out the good no one else can give. There is only one of you. * * * There will never be two of you! What you do with you is up to you!

No one can change you but yourself. No one else can hold you in bondage but yourself. No one can possess you unless you let them. You are free regardless of where you are.

Jesus did preach you are your own “temple of God.”

He did not say, “Go out and build big churches and separate yourself from other men who do not believe the way you do.” If all men acted as Jesus, who was an example of the perfection we all will attain, then we would be living daily .”The Way of Life” He was teaching!

How little we know about the individual soul. Some day we will realize why Christ said, “we are all brothers.” Understanding reincarnation will further this understanding od brotherhood. Do you follow me? If you do not at this time it does not mean that you are just stubborn or ignorant, it is just that you are not ready yet for this knowledge and understanding. There is a time and place for each “learning.” You really are in the right place and the right time to learn what you were put here for.

Just because you are “visiting” a school where they are teaching Spanish and you speak only French does not mean that what they are teaching is wrong and you are right. Follow Me? Each has it its time and place of learning.

Again I say. “This teaching is a Way of Life.” not a religion! One of the “wrongs” is trying to be just like someone else. You lose your unique identity then. Also, trying to make people conform. There is a vast difference between the teaching methods of learning and conforming. One would not need half the laws and rules if each person respected the “rights” of others. We would not attack or destroy other people’s property or belittle other people’s jobs or dress.


“God’s Way of Life”

Copyright @ February 1971.

By: Adele Gerard Tinning

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