Each life has a purpose,

                                Each purpose a plan;

                             Great minds find a reason

                               To do what they can...

                                A hope for tomorrow,

                                 A task for today,

                            Through troubles or sorrow,

                            Each trial on life’s way...

                               A purpose for living,

                               A test you must meet,

                             Accepting each challenge,

                              The bitter, the sweet..

                             Cast aside every problem,

                             Rise above endless fears,

                          Keep the dream you are dreaming,

                             Wipe away hurtful tears...

                            Understanding — forgiveness,

                              A soul that knows peace,

                                The joy of believing

                            As heartaches then cease...

                             The courage that’s needed 

                                To travel each mile,

                               A purpose unequaled —

                             A life that’s worthwhile.


                                               Garnett Ann Schultz


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