Adele Gerard Tinning - - - (Discovered )

“God’s Way Of Life”

This is a “Miracle Book.” God does work through it!

There is no index or contents for this book, because each and every page has a complete lesson for life. You may open it to any page at random and you will find the right lesson that you need at this time, right now, right there

It contains all the lessons for life, the Real Truth of God!!

I feel so very blessed that I have been chosen as a channel for all of these beautiful poems and lessons of God’s Truth to be brought to the world.

We have had over fourteen thousand people in here in our home who have flown in from all over the country, and the world, to see how these Truths are actually received and in search of further Psychic Knowledge. There have been priests, ministers, doctors, teachers, scientists, from all walks of life. Each received spiritual blessings and many had complete healings from God.

He works in His own way to show He still knows the need of all people.

These healings were proof that God was here and that He still loves and heals. I did not know the ailments of these people until they told me later they were healed.

I sincerely pray that this book may reach many who are in need of assurance that they are a divine part of God and that He loves them!

          No fees have been charged for the books or the visits to my home.

                                                   With God’s blessings and love.

                                                                        Adele Gerard Tinning.

                                                                        February 1971


Till The End of Time


Sometimes in life, we wonder often

                              Why the hard roads that we have to climb

                              Some days it seems

                              We just can’t go on With the burdens and heartaches

                              We have at the time

                              But somehow, somewhere

                              New strength is found

                              Given by those kindly souls

                              Who have wandered far and near

                              In search of true love

                              That they could share

                              All their joys and sorrows with

                              Till the end of time.


Adele Gerard Tinning

                                                                        May 12, 1933


Spiritual Knowledge


Greater knowledge than books contain

Is deep within our souls

For this is God’s gift to man

                              This knowledge each one holds.

                              Instead of searching deep within

                              We search in a far off land

                              No books could hold this spiritual knowledge.

That God put in each man


We praise the works of Socrates

                              Of Plato, Kant and Poe

                              But they are only infants

                              Compared to the knowledge yet to know

                              For each soul is progressing

                              Each time to earth we return

                              Eventually we will reach perfection

                              Then a God-soul we have earned.

                              The only thing we have to do

                              Is open wide this inner door

                              For all that is, or is to be

                              Has been here long before,

                              There’s nothing new that God doesn’t know

                              From the very beginning of life

                              So get your answers from your Master Teacher

                              And stop all this struggle and strife.

                                                                        Adele Gerard Tinning

                                                                        April, 28, 1966



Our Thanks Goes to God.

                    What mysteries lie beyond our reach

                    That our human eyes cannot see

                    Yet deep within we feel this force

                    Leading us through the pathways of life.

                    This knowledge that comes not from a book

                    But with authority unquestionable

                    From what source is yet unknown

                    But our thanks goes to God, the Giver of all.

                    No college degree will be bestowed upon you

                    Though this knowledge be greater than all

                    For all who could grade the growth of your soul

                    No one but God, and those grades you can’t see.


                    But when you return to His Heavenly home

                    You will know the lessons you have learned

                    And he will direct you to your next grade up

                    To return to earth with new lessons to learn.

                    Each one is great in the eyes of God

                    For he sees the perfection you are striving for

                    Which each one will reach when all lessons are learned

So open wide your inner door.

                                                                        Adele Gerard Tinning

                                                                        November 28, 1966


                                GOD’S KNOWLEDGE

                                         You find a grand new haven

                                         Away from earthly cares

                                         It starts you on the road to heaven

                                         On God’s golden stairs.

                                         Your awareness become so perfect

                                         Life takes on a whole new view

                                         For answers to God’s many mysteries

                                         Are revealed from Him to you.

                                         So startling is this knowledge

                                         That the Teachers give to all

                                         One wonders why we wait so long

In answer to His call.

                                         To live these teachings is a MUST!

                                         Before you pass them along

                                         You’ll find God’s many mysteries

                                         Become a beautiful song.

                                         This way of life cannot be beaten

                                         No matter how you try

                                         For once you feel God’s wondrous love

                                         You’ll know the reason why.


Adele Gerard Tinning

                                                                        June 21, 1965


God’s Special Gift.

                                         Each one has a special gift

                                         That God gave you alone

                                         To express in your own way

                                         The beauties of this wondrous land.

                                         You need not have a college degree

                                         Or title of any kind

                                         Just the God-given love

                                         For all you fellow man

                                         A smile, a tear, a hand-shake

                                         That’s sincere and heartfelt too

                                         Can do more good to bring the peace

                                         The world is seeking now

                                                                        Adele Gerard Tinning

                                                                        October 25, 1969


                                         The early morning dew

                                         Leaves footprints where I walk

                                         Reminding me

                                         We do leave something behind

                                         As we travel through life

                                         I hope the prints I leave

                                         Will be happy ones

                                         With those I have known

                                         Throughout this lifetime.

                                                                        Adele Gerard Tinning

                                                                        September 1, 1970


                               Windows of Heaven

          The windows of heaven are opened wide for all the world to see

          The love God has for every man is the goal He set for you and me

          You too can see this heaven when you open wide your heart

          Give of this love, give with all your might, and you will do your part.


                                                                                  Adele Gerard Tinning

                                                                                  April 28, 1970


What mysteries lie behind this word

More powerful than atomic power

That quickens every heartbeat

And poets write about for hours.

          No human can escape its feeling

          Or life would not be worthwhile

          It’s free for all to give or take

          It’s what makes people smile.

                    It’s give to each tiny soul

                    The moment life begins

                    For God gives it to everyone

                    But hides it deep within

                              One has to guard it on its flight

                              Direct it on its way

                              Protect it with sincerity

                              Make sure it’s there to stay

                                         For each time you are giving

                                         This precious gift of God

                                         You are making Heaven on earth

                                         As on through life you trod.

                                                             Adele Gerard Tinning

                                                             April 9, 1970


You can never show strength by force.

          You may never “show off” to God.

                    Wisdom never comes from books alone.

If one knew his real age, he would be ancient at birth.

                              Your God is only what you make Him.

                                         Seek not the applause of the multitudes,

                                         but the deep love and understanding of one true friend.

You are not what you say, but what you think.

                    Love can never be bound and secured.

The real life you live is in your thoughts only.


You real success is never known here.


Good need never show its halo.


God has all the patience in the world,

                                                                                     only you are impatient.

Rain and tears bring sunshine the morrow.


Love is manifested from the soul, not the lips.


The greater you is unknown to man.

He who gives is receiving.

                    Love is everywhere, though you cannot see it.

Great is he who can say, “I will try again.”


Adele Gerard Tinning

                                                                                            November 21, 1965

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