Startling new scientific evidence has unlocked age-old secrets of the hereafter-----painting a breathtaking panorama of life after death.

Recent research research by clinical psychologist and reincarnation expert , Dr. Edith Fiore, reveals that death is an incredible experience. The soul rushes towards the heavens and into a “blinding white light”. at the end of a long dark tunnel. Then passes through a period of learning and rest before finally returning to earth in a new reincarnation.

“It’s fantastic.” she told everyone present. “In patient after patient, I’ve found proof of reincarnation. They have given me graphic descriptive proof of how the spirit leaves the body, how you are then met by a guardian angel, how you review and judge your past life, and how aa decision is made on how----and if-----you will reenter the world.

“The period between lives is a beautiful, productive , mind-boggling learning experience” which takes place, she said, not in heaven but in the “hereafter.” It is not until our souls achieve final perfection that we are admitted to heaven.............. which is only after many life-times on earth, she explained.

Dr. Fiore, who’s also a hypnotherapist, and the author of “You Have Been Here Before”, bases her conclusions on the results of extensive hypnotic regressions with patients. In deep trances, they recalled the fabulous interludes between death and birth, Incredibly, these recollections were all remarkably similar.

“Most commonly, your soul leaves your body at the moment of death.” she said. “There is an immediate release from pain and an enormous sense of complete freedom. “You rise from your earthly body. You have the sensation of having a new, healthy, weightless body.” “You are usually met by a friendly guardian angel----a being of brilliant white light, who may even be a departed relative or very special departed friend .”

You continue, with the angel, to rise, until you finally find yourself in a green paradise of sparkling lakes, mountains, and beautiful scenery. Here you rest, while you begin to realize all that has happened and you become aware of other beings in this place. To most, the guardian angel will still be there with you. If not the angel, you will find departed loved ones undertaking the task. Time and space do not exist now.”

“After this period of rest, you find yourself before a council of more highly developed spirits.” Dr. Fiore continued. “You then go through an examination of the record of your recent past life. You see every detail as though you’re watching a movie. Every thought, every deed, every word is shown to you. Then you are asked to pass judgement on yourself.”

Thereafter, in the next stage, the soul enters into an extensive period of instruction in the “universal law” which governs all creation,” according to Dr. Fiore. “The instruction takes place in something like a classroom, an unbelievable, beautiful, well-lit setting where everyone, including you, appears to be wearing a white robe,” said Dr. Fiore.

“There is a higher being there who is your teacher. You are taught about the value and many uses of love. It is emphasized over, and over again that love is the ‘cement of the universe’.” All this phases of teaching is done through telepathy. “ You learn the universal truth and sole purpose of continuing reincarnations is to enable your immortal, ever-lasting soul to become more and more perfect so that it can eventually rejoin our Creator I heaven.”

Finally, eventually, comes the planning stage. “This involves the complicated plans for your next life experience on earth.” Dr. Fiore explained. “You and the higher beings plan who you will be in this life based on the lessons you still need to master.

Many things are taken into consideration; where and when you will be born, who will be your parents this time, etc.—but the main consideration is the lessons you want to experience in your new life.” Ultimately, you decide the pace of this entire procedure.

But, for those incorrigible souls who choose to remain evil lifetime after lifetime, and seem incapable of any imposement, there may never be another life on earth.

(You no doubt can name some of the most famous in this department) “They become part of a gray, milling crowd in the hereafter. Dr. Fiore warned, “and they are condemned to remain there forever.”

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