I will give thanks to You,

                       O LORD!, with all my heart,

                                         in the presence of the angels,

                              I will sing Your praise.

                                                                   Psalm 138:1,

                      GOD’S ANGELS FROM ON HIGH

                              Oh, God’s angels from on high,

                              Come and dwell right by our side,

                              And gently steer us with your love,

                              Sent from our Father up above.

                              When tiny teardrops start to fall

                              And in prayer we humbly call,

                              Also surround us with your care.

                              As your presence fills the air.

                              Prompt us to trust God and obey

                              In what His holy word does say.

                              And help us to listen when you’re nearby,

                              Guiding our hearts when in confusion we cry

                              Do your good deeds, for we need them so

                              As we struggle to learn and desire to grow.

                              Thanks for peace that your presence brings,

                              Filling our hearts and making us sing.

                                                                        Linda C. Grazulis


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