At the moment of our humble births,

                                         God gave us a gift divine.

                                         He blessed us with a Guardian Angel

                                         Who is always lovable and kind.

                                         We are guarded throughout the day and night

                                         And their presence is felt by our side.

                                         When danger stalks we feel them near,

                                         For it is with us that they abide.

                                         They nudge us if we should err

                                         Or perhaps should go astray,

                                         And whisper good things in our ear

                                         Every moment of every day.

                                         We feel a brush, perhaps a touch,

                                         As they descend from Heaven above.

                                         We thank You, Lord, with all of our hearts

                                         For our angels,       Your gift of love.

                                                             Shirley Hile Powell


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