Have you ever thought of Angels

                            Watching over you at night?

                        Have you asked for their protection

                            At the early morning light?


                          Have you heard a word of caution

                            FaIling softly on your ear?

                           Or in times of sudden danger,

                         Have you sensed them drawing near?


                       Have you almost heard their footsteps

                             At the closing of the day,

                        When your heart communed with Jesus

                           And your burdens slipped away?


                        Though unseen, they’re always ready

                           To respond to God’s command —

                         Messengers come down from Heaven,

                            Sent to lead us by the hand.


                                                       Regina Wiencek

                                   ANGELS ARE NEAR.


                       Know that our Guardian Angels are near

                          When the perils of life collide.

                       God sends them to guard and protect us

                          And over our lives they preside.


                        They are sent by God to surround us

                           And help us along life’s way.

                          We are warned of harm and danger

                          By them every moment of the day.


                        They prompt us to do God’s holy will

                         And encourage us to do good deeds.

                      They urge us to keep God’s Commandments

                      And to help those who might be in need.


                          Sometimes a tiny shiver or whirl

                           Alerts us that they are near.

                          A calm and peace seems to follow

                          And eliminates our present fear.


                            While in His holy presence,

                              They speak to God above,

                          Then return to earth to tell us

                        Of His eternal and everlasting love.


                                                        Shirley Hile Powell

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