Guardian Angels

Remember your guardian angel.

Not a plump lady with swan-wings! But — at least this is my notion and feeling -------: as souls with free-will we are, as it were, so placed as to face God. But God is also behind us, supporting, nourishing us. The bright point of power where that life-line, that spiritual umbilical cord touches: there is our angel, facing two ways to God behind us in the direction we cannot see, and to us.

But of course do not grow weary of facing God, in your free right and strength. If you cannot achieve inward peace, and it is given to few to do so in tribulation, do not forget that the aspiration for it is not a vanity, but a concrete act.


                                                J.R.R. Tolkien (t 1973) was a fervent Catholic

                                               and a British author who taught at Oxford University.

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