As shepherds watched their flocks,

The Lord sent angels to the earth.

They told the shepherds, “Do not fear,”

And announced the Christ Child’s birth.

          The Child was dressed in swaddling clothes

          And in a manger He did lay.

          And then, the glory of the Lord

          Did light the angels’ way.

                    “Peace on earth! Good will to men!”

                    Angelic hosts did sweetly sing.

                    “Go, see the Child in Bethlehem.

                    He’s the Savior and the King.”

                              They came with haste to see Him —

                              Mary, Joseph, and the Babe they found

In a bed of hay and straw

                              And animals gathering ‘round.

                                         The shepherds left and made known,

                                         Praising God, having seen the Holy One.

                                         And told what the angels said...

                                         “Christ is born unto us, a Son.”

                                                             -----Edna Massimilla

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