by: comedian Allan Sherman
sung to the tune of “Fascination”

It was automation, I know.
That was what was making the factory go.
It was IBM, it was Univac,
It was all those gears going clickety, claclk dear.
I thought automation was keen
‘Till you were replaced y a ten-ton machine,
It was a computer that tore us apart, dear,
Automation broke my heart.

It was automation, I’m told,
That’s why I got fired and I’m out in the cold,
How could I have known when the 503
Started to blink, it was winking at me, dear,
I thought it was some mishap,
When it sidled over and set on my lap,
But when it said “I love you” and gave me a hug, dear
That’s when I pulled out.....its......plug.

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