A few awe-inspiring facts of life!

  • Every day, humans lose—and replace---- 200 billion red blood cells. Remarkably, our bodies manufacture 2 million replacement cells in a split second.
    ( A single red blood cell makes an incredible journey, Traveling 100 miles through a network of 60,000 Miles of veins, capillaries and arteries)
  • Human beings see the world in a new way every morning. The first time we open our eyes, the top layer of our vision sense receptors is simply scorched away.
  • The human brain is by far the largest user of energy in the body. It consumes a whopping one-fifth of the energy produced by what we eat and drink. The brain works at quite an accelerated pace too, firing electrical impulses at 250 miles per hour.
  • Unfortunately, 10,000 of the brains one trillion brain cells naturally die in the course of 24 hours. (There is new evidence that some of these brain cells may be replaced.)
  • Crawling is by no means an essential milestone on the way to walking.----many babies will skip it altogether, and whether they do or not depends on the baby’s culture and personality. In Mail, for instance, crawling is virtually unheard of. Yet of those babies who do crawl, 95% will use the same alternating gait. And during this time on the ground, a baby’s efficiency will more than double.
  • The sperm is actually the tiniest cell in the human body, the egg is the largest. 500 million sperm are released in a single ejaculation. Only a few hundred will make it as far As the fallopian tubes and just a few dozen will complete their journey.
  • By the time we reach our teenage years, we’ve heard the Greatest range of sound we will ever hear for the rest of Our lives.
  • Every 24 hours, the body grows another 40 yards of hair. (A man sprouts one foot of hair on his face alone.)
  • The human body produces a half-pint of sweat in the course of a single day; plus a pint of bile and two pints of saliva to help his body.

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