Frank B. Whitney

Begin the day with friendliness
and only friends you’ll find
Yes, greet the dawn with happiness;
Keep happy thoughts in mind.

Salute the day with peaceful thoughts,
And peace will fill your heart;
Begin the day with joyful soul,
And joy will be your part.

Begin the day with friendliness;
Keep friendly all day long
Keep in your soul a friendly thought,
Your heart a friendly song.

Have in your mind a word of cheer
For all who come your way,
And they will bless you too, in turn,
And wish you, “Have a happy day!”

Begin each day with happy thoughts,
And as the day goes on,
Keep friendly, loving, good and kind,
Just as you were at dawn.

The day will be a friendly one,
And then at night you’ll find
That you were happy all day long
Through friendly thoughts in mind.

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