Y OU CAN’T PUT A PRICE TAG ON THE VALUE OF KNOWING SCRIPTURE. But in Alabama, one politician has been crass enough to try.

During a House debate on a same-sex marriage ban, State Rep. Alvin Holmes offered $700 to anyone who could show him where the Bible says marriage is a man-woman union. When none of his colleagues bothered to take the bet, Holmes got even cockier, issuing his challenge to the general public and upping the ante to $5,000.


The legislature was swamped with messages from folks pointing out a long list of verses: Gen. 2:24 (man cleaves to woman), Mark 10:6-8 (God made them male and female), Lev. 20:13 (homosexuality abomination), I Cor. 7:2 (each man should have his own wife; each woman, her own husband) and so on.

Well, all the words seem clear enough: Male, female, husband, wife, abomination. Slam dunk, right? Not to Holmes, who declared the whole issue a matter of interpretation.” He even claimed that when Script nrc used the word “wife “ it could refer to men. In an odd, rambling statement he said, on 1 Cor. 7:2, 0K, but what that says [is] . if two people should get married and if they are of the same sex, then he [one man] becomes his wife and he’s [the other man] the husband.”

Something tells us this guy’s got no intention of paying up. Which just  goes to show that a fool and his money aren’t always parted.

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