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Now you must participate in the test which will illustrate to you just how well informed you are regarding aspects of the Bible. Trivia knowledge like this is easy to acquire and will surely help you establish a good, interesting relationship with most people you meet (The ladies will be impressed, promise)

The Bible, that divine book through which God’s Truth shines, is an earthly, very human collection of people and incidents that cannot help but amuse ( as well as enlighten) us all. Even unbelievers have recognized for centuries that the Bible is a veritable treasure trove of stories, as attested by the many poems, plays, novels, films, paintings, songs, and sculptures that are based directly on Scriptures.

We have attempted to make this test informative and interesting so you will participate. Towards that end we also decided to make it a test based on the honor system. You remember one of those first lessons your parents, especially your mother, taught you; You mustn't lie. Always tell the truth. So; you will keep you own honest score on the test.

To avoid all the accepted tricks when providing the answers writing them upside down, placing them way at the end of the book, etc. we place the only correct, as far as we can determine them, right on the same line directly after the question. Now, you know at once if that is the answer you were going to give - honestly!

Take the test by yourself so no one will know how well or poorly you do. Take the test several times and then let someone you know try it with you.

For example. Try this one.

Who was the first murderer?
Was that your answer too?
See how easy that was.
O.K., now try this one.
Cain. (Genesis 4:8)
Who told the first lie?
How did you do?
The serpent (Genesis 3:4)
Bet you said Adam or Eve.

Now you get the idea. Nothing hard about it, You keep score, remember.

Ready? Commence.

What New Testament word means teacher? Rabbi (John 1:38)
What book, does one of the prophets get quoted in the New Testament more than any Old Testament book?
(419 times)
Who is the first child mentioned in the Bible? Cain (Genesis 4:1)
In the immensely popular The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), practically every star in Hollywood had a small role. What role, with only one line of dialogue, did John Wayne play in this movie about Jesus?The centurion at Jesus crucifixion. (Who said Truly, this was the son Of God)
What book, published in its entirety in 1971,has been the best-selling paraphrase of the Holy Bible?The Living Bible
What prophet walked around naked for three (3) years?Isaiah (20:3)
What is the only book in the Bible to mention God laughing?Psalms (2:4, 37:13, 59:8)
On Mount Sinai, God told Moses that he had carried the Israelites from Egypt on the wings of a bird. What bird?The eagle (Exodus 19:4)
What city is often referred to simplyas Zion?Jerusalem
Who wrote over a thousand songs?Solomon (1 Kings 4:32)
Who was the only disciple that we know for sure was married?Peter (Mark 1:30)
Who is the only person in the Old Testament mentioned as being buried in a coffin?Joseph (Genesis 50:26)
What did Noah say as he was loading the ark? Now I herd everything
Who is the first female singer mentioned in the Bible?Miriam (Numbers 12)
What did a man at Jesus' crucifixion run to find for the dying Jesus?A sponge; Matthew 27:46 - 48
What man's daughters involved him in incestuous relations when they believed there were no men around?Lot's (Genesis 19:30-38)
According to the law how many witnesses are necessary before a man could be tried and then put to death?At least two. (Deuteronomy 17:6)
Who is the father of lies?Devil (John 8:44)
What oversized warrior had bronze armor weighing over 125 pounds?Goliath (1 Samuel 17:4)
Which Gospel does not mention the Roman soldier on Calvary who said, "Truly, this was a son of God."?John
How many angels rescued Lot and his family from the doomed city of Sodom?Two (Genesis 19:1-22)
Who was the first disciple chosen by Jesus?Simon Peter (John 1:42)
Who slept in the bottom of a ship as it rolled in a storm?Jonah (1:5)
What miracle of Jesus led the priests to conspire to have him executed?The raising of Lazarus (John 11:47)
What Bible, now in the British Museum, is the oldest complete Bible in existence?Dead Sea Scrolls
Who is the youngest son of Adam mentioned by name?Seth (Genesis 4;25)
What prophet was married to a prophet?Isaiah, whose wife was called a prophetess(Isaiah 8:3)
What bald actor, famous for his role in another biblical film, played Solomon,(with hair) in the 1959 film Solomon and Shiba?Yul Brynner
What warrior's death caused David and his men to tear their clothes in grief?Saul's (2 Samuel 13:31)
Who slept through a haircut?Samson (Judges 16:19)
What is the only Gospel to mention Jesus riding on a donkey?Matthew (21:1-9)
What kind of wood was the Ark ofthe Covenant made of?Acacia (Exodus 25:10)
Who rolled back the stone from Jesus' tomb?The angel of the Lord(Matthew 28:2)
What book says “there is a time to weep, and a time to cry?Ecclesiastes (3:4)
Where did Jesus work his first miracle?Cana (John 2:1-11.)
What was the first animal out of the ark?Raven (Genesis 8:7)
What military man captured 31 kings?Joshua (12:9-24)
Joseph, Mary's husband, was warned in dreams to do 4 things. What four?1. Go ahead and marry Mary.
2. Take a different route out of Bethlehem
3. Flee to Egypt.
4. Return from Egypt.
Editor's Note:

Well! That's 40 test questions to date. What's your score. I know, I know. They're fun and interesting even when you don't keep score. Shall we start again? (Don't be surprised if some of these pop-up in your social contacts real soon.)

What man, as if you didn't know, is the most mentioned man in the Bible?Jesus (surprise, surprise)
What king, mentioned 1118 times in the Bible, is the second most mentioned?David. (Try this next one)
What leader, with 740 mentions, ranks third?Moses
What priest ranks fourth with a total of 339 mentions?Aaron
What was the dove carrying in its beak when it returned to Noah?Olive leaf (Genesis 8:11)
What king had 1,400 chariots and 12,000 horses?Solomon (1 Kings 10:26)
What 1932 film showed the declining Roman empire and the growth of the church? Featuring Charles Laughton as despised Emperor Nero?The Sign of the Cross
What year was the first American Bible printed? Where?1752, Boston, Mass.
What President, speaking of the Bible, said, "That book is the rock on which our republic rests."?Andrew Jackson
If Solomon were alive today, why would he be considered such a remarkable man?He would be almost 3,000 years old.
What was given as a reminder that the world would never again be destroyed by a flood?A rainbow (Genesis 9:13)
What city has gates made of pearl?New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:21)
Who rolled the stone across thetomb when Jesus was buried?Joseph of Arimathea (Matthew 27:59-60)
Which disciple was called a rock?Peter (Matthew 16:18)
Who struck a rock and brought forth water from it?Jesus (Mark 13:1-2)
Who wrote on tablets of stone for Moses?God (Exodus 24-12)
What book begins, "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than Wine."?Songs of Solomon (1:2)
What is the shortest prayer in Bible?"Lord, save me" uttered by Peter while sinking.(Matthew 14:30)
What are the two shortest verses in Bible?Jesus wept.(John 11:35)
What is the longest book in the Bible?Psalms
What is the longest book in the New Testament?Luke
What is the longest chapter in Bible?(Psalms 119, with 176.
What nation saw 185,000 of its soldiers slaughtered by an angel of the Lord?Assyria (2 Kings 19:35)
Who buried Moses?Lord (Deuteronomy 34:6)
What, according to Jesus, do prayer and fasting accomplish?Driving out demons.(Matthew 17:21)
What was mingled with the wine Jesus was offered on the cross?Myrrh (Mark 15:23)
How many jars of water did Jesus turn into water?Six (John 2:1-10)
What Old Testament character's name means "laughter"?
Isaac (Genesis 21:3-6)
Who used the 1st pseudonym?Esther (Esther 2:7)
Who built 1st city?Cain (Genesis 4:17)
Who wore 1st ring?Pharaoh (Genesis 41:42)
Who was 1st drunk?Noah (Genesis 9:21)
Who was 1st Christian martyr?Stephen (Acts 6:7-8:2)
What did God change Jacob's name to?Israel (genesis 32:28)
Who told Joseph what Jesus' name would be?Angel (Matthew 1:20-21)
Editor's note: My first note was at 40 questions, remember (If you're still with me) I have now added 35 more questions to that list for a total of 75 questions. If you have found them as interesting and exciting as I did, just consider this.

J. Stephen Lang lives in Chesapeake, Virginia. His favorite game is Trivial Pursuit, and his favorite book is the Bible. He also hold a B.A. in Bible and theology, and a M.A. in communications. There are more than 4,500 questions and answers in his most fascinating and inspiring book ( Simple math, without the aid of a calculator, will illustrate that acquiring his book will avail you and your friends to sixty (60) times the volume of questions & answers that I have just exposed you to.) ENJOY!

Copyright @ 1988 by: J. Stephen Lang
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Wheaton, Illinois

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