“Advice to a (Bored) Young Man”

Source: Unknown 1967.

Many people reading this page are doing so with the aid of bifocals.
Inventor? B. Franklin, age 79.

The presses that printed this page were powered by electricity.
One of the first harnessers? B. Franklin, age 40.

Some are reading this on the campus of one of the Ivy League universities.
Founder? B. Franklin, age 45.

Some received their copy through the U.S. Mail.
Its father? B. Franklin, age 31.

Now, think fire.

Who started the first fire department, invented the lightning, designed the heating stove still in use today?
B. Franklin, ages, 31, 43, 36.

Wit. Conversationalist. Economist. Publisher. Diplomat. Printer. Publisher. Linguist (spoke and wrote five languages). Advocate of paratroopers (from balloons) a century before the airplane was even invented. All this until age 84.

AND, he had exactly two years of formal schooling. It’s a safe bet that you already have more sheer knowledge than Franklin had when he was your age. Perhaps, you are thinking there’s no use trying to think of anything new, that everything’s been done. WRONG. The simple agrarian America of Franklin’s day didn’t begin to need the answers we need today. So! Go do something about it.

Editor’s note

To keep things in balance it is helpful to remember the words of humorist Mark Twain: “Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.”

Our Source : LAUGH AGAIN by: Charles R. Swindoll. Pg. 93.

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