Clearly, customers are choosing bottled water as a

 beautiful thirst quenching beverage alternative.

B OTTLED WATER IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST SELLING BEVER-AGE in noncommercial foodservice accounts today. Especially popular on college campuses and in B&I settings, customers are grabbing bottled water as a natural, low calorie drink option. A growing concern about unknown contaminants in tap water and the latter’s often flat taste is also an important contributing factor to bottled waters’ growth.

According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, bottled water sales have increased 1,025 % since 1975. Last year, 1996, consumers imbibed 2.7 billion gallons s of bottled water, making it the fastest growing beverage category. Customers in the Pacific and South west regions of the U.S. arc the biggest users of bottled water.

Varieties of water. There are several different varieties of bottled water, both domestic and foreign. These are the most popular:

* Artesian Water / Artesian well water -----is bottled water from a well that tops a confined aquifier (a water bearing underground layer of rock or sand) in which the water level stands at some height above the top of the aquifer.

* Mineral water----- which contains not less than 250 parts per million total dissolved solids. No minerals can be added to this product.

* Sparkling water----- (also referred to as carbonated) is water that after treatment contains the same amount of carbon dioxide that it had at emergence from the source. is derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth. It must he collected only at the spring or through a bore-hole taping the underground spring.

Soda water, seltzer water, tonic water and flavored waters not considered bottled waters since they often contain additives and other flavorings. Flavored waters remain favorites for many customers, however. Several manufacturers have further romanced these customers with exotic new flavors like papaya, mango and other fun flavor blends. (Flavored waters are generally mineral waters with added flavors.) As bottled water sales continue to grow, many operators are cashing in on this trend by selling their brands of it. At least four East Coast colleges, including the University of Connecticut ( UConn ), sell water bottled by a regional or local bottler. UConn, which introduced its bottled spring water last summer, uses the water For catered events and sells it in the university’s cash outlets. It also included the water in a welcome gift basket for students at the start of the school year. Len Hodgson, UConn’s director of dining, says that many of the university departments order cases of it for their own use, too. Salisbury State University (Salisbury, MD) introduced its branded spring water to coincide with the groundbreaking of its new foodservice commons. The bottle’s label features an artists rendering of what the new building will look like when completed.

Merchandising ideas. Both still (non carbonated) and carbonated mineral waters make good mixers with wines and fruit juices. Consider offering your own sig-nature combinations with juices, especially at catered functions where guestsare increasingly interested in non-alcoholic beverages alternatives. Bottled waters can also be displayed in an ice bath in dining rooms or at catered functions (Bottled water should be served chilled. It may be served on ice if the ice is made from the same type of water. Consider stocking vending machines with bottled waters ---some operators have successfully converted entire canned drink machines to sell bottled waters.

                                      -----April, 1997

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