Boundless Beauties

                    Boundless beauties within our grasps

                    Yet unseen by our eyes

                    Too great the desire for material things

                    We overlook the priceless gifts of God.

                    But, if in life we take a pause

                    And really look around

                    Our startled eyes just wouldn’t believe

                    The beauties we passed by.

                    No human can make a beautiful tree.

                    Or a bird with its wondrous song

                    Not even a blade of grass could we make

                    But with God through nature it grows.

                    Where is God so many ask

                    Without realizing He is everywhere

                    His golden sun and drops of rain

                    Filter down in every nook and corner.

                    God is the rain and the sunshine

                    He is part of all that there is

                    So when you ask where is God

                    He’s part of you, that’s where He is!

By: Adele Gerard Tinning



Copyright@1975, Adele Gerald Tinning

January 23, 1970, (pg.42)

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