The Dhammapada : The Sayings of the Buddha
(Sacred Teachings)

By, Thomas Byrom

Buddha’s Wisdom is broad as the ocean and His spirit is full of great Compassion.

Buddha has no form but manifests Himself in Exquisiteness and leads us with His whole heart of Compassion.

This book is valuable because it contains the essence of the Buddha’s teachings as recorded in over five thousand volumes. These teachings have been preserved and handed down for more than twenty-five hundred years extending beyond borders and racial barriers of the world.


Hatred never cease by Hatred in this world. By love alone they cease. This is an ancient law. (page 5)

A fool that thinks he is a fool is for that very reason a wise man. A fool that thinks that he is wise is called a fool indeed. (page 63)

Though he should conquer a thousand men in the battlefield a thousand times, yet he, indeed, who would conquer himself is the noblest victor. (page 103)

Though he should live a hundred years, not seeing the Truth Sublime; yet better, indeed, is the single day’s life of one who sees the truth Sublime. (page 115)

Hard is birth as man, Hard is the life of mortals, Hard is the hearing of the Sublime Truth, Hard is the appearance of a Buddha. (page 182)

Not to do any evil, To cultivate good, To purify one’s mind,----- This the advice of the Buddhas. (page 183)

There are no sons for protection, neither father nor even kinsmen; for him who is overcome by death no protection is there from kinsmen. (page 288)

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