Celebration of Life

“A Celebration of Life”is a concept focus our attention on the living rather than the dead. It is the utilization of an opportunity during life to express appreciation and encouragement to an honoree.

Death is no respecter of persons, it does not seek concurrence or convenience.

When death occurs the living make all kinds of effort to comfort the bereaved and honor the dead.

We send cards, telegrams and letters, we buy flowers and take time off from work. We pass and present resolutions, say all kinds of nice and wonderful things about the deceased. They cannot hear them----and in too many instances----never heard them.

“A Celebration of Life” is an effort to gather all of those who would, and will if they are still with us, attend the funeral of an honoree; all of those who would speak, sing or be pall bearers. All those who would send flowers, bring cooked food, send cards and letters, to gather together during the honoree’s life time and do all the wonderful, marvelous things that they cannot know about at death but certainly can appreciate during life here on earth.

Nothing is “scary” or “weird” about this beautiful concept and it certainly makes more sense than a traditional funeral.

We are all going to die unless the Lord comes for us before death does.

And, we already know that those who trust in Him and are obedient to Him, shall never die and even if they die, yet shall they live again.

“A Celebration of Life” is not an attempt to ignore death, but it is an effort to demonstrate the supremacy of Life over death and to say, collectively, to the honoree “we love you, we care about you, and we truly appreciate you” and “we are desirous that you know, because we showed it during your life time here on earth.”

Now is the time of salvation—now is the acceptable time of the Lord.

Let us not mourn----Let us CELEBRATE LIFE!

Source: Christ Church, San Diego, California
“Celebration of Life” for Eugene Watson
Rev. Robert C. Ard

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