Church did not begin as Religion

The Church of Religious Science was founded in Los Angeles, California 51 years ago by Ernest Holmes, who had been the purchasing agent for the city of Venice, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Holmes’s original work was not intended as a religion. In fact, most of his books are found in the local library with works on psychology.

After Holmes began giving talks at a hall near his home, he was encouraged to develop his thinking into a recognized religion. His ideas—a combination of the best thinking he could pull together from religion, philosophy and psychology----were set out in several books, including “The Science of Mind.”

Holmes’s philosophy of individualism and self-awareness was greatly influenced by the writing of Ralph Waldo Emerson along with the teachings of Buddha, Hinduism and Christian Science.

Holmes wrote, “Everyman represents an individualization of the universal Wholeness; the love, peace, joy, and freedom of the Spirit. Therefore, we have a Divine right to be the masters of our own fate.”

We have a divine right to rise above fear, impoverishment and disease. We should have confidence that the Power of the Spirit expresses through every atom of our being now, this very moment.”

Terry-Cole Whittaker was introduced to Religious Science as a teenager by her great-grandmother . After attending the Institute of Religious Science in Los Angeles, the seminary for the Church of Religious Science, she was ordained in 1975.

T.C. Whittaker call herself a “New Age holistic minister with a message of practical enlightenment.”

“What I do,” she said, “ is (take) every discipline that has worked in my life and made a difference, and incorporated that in my church.”

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Life and Living Section. By: William A. Furlow @ January 22, 1978

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