Consciousness is a personal and cosmic reality—William James

Mind is the sum of states of consciousness grouped under : Thought, Will and Feeling --— Mme. Blavatsky, Secret Doctrine

T HE INTERRELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN MIND AND CONSCIOUS-NESS are so intimately involved that for purposes of study it is easier to treat them under separate headings in part at first, and then interrelate their funct-ions later.

To use the metaphor 0f electric power plants. the Mind is that part which received the incoming flow of electric power for distribution. In man’s functioning in var-ious areas, the Mind has certain administrative and directive functions. It is these which it is well to understand before we get into the nature of that energy which we call consciousness and which comes to the Mind for distribution.

As long as 3500 years ago there was recognized in the teachings of Osiris, (Thomas Hudson - Teachings of Osiris) two divisions in the human Mind. One part was considered to be the material half and the other the spiritual half. The material half is the connecting link between the brain and the spiritual half of the mind.

The spiritual half has vast capacities of memory and is connected with Universal Mind or Spirit. When the material half is in a state of quietude and relaxation, the spiritual half may send messages and impressions into the brain through the mate-rial mind channels. It we conceive of these different halves as electro-magnetic fields of different vibration frequencies, but closely related for communication pur-poses, it will help us to understand through conceptual thinking what the teachings of Osiris are attempting to say.

The spiritual half of the brain cannot do inductive reasoning such as the material half can. But it will accept instructions and ideas placed in it by material mind, either from the person in possession of it. or, from outside sources if the possessor permits such ideas to be accepted. such as under ESP, much is received uncon-sciously. The material half of mind is also called objective mind and the spiritual half is called subjective mind. Subjective mind did not come through physical evolution. It is a special endowment to man which sets him above the animal existence. It accumulates subjective memory and relates all to Universal Consciou-sness eventually.

Much study and self-tutoring are necessary in order to gain the knowledge that integrates a person to harmonize spirit and matter, or the objective and subjective mind functions.

The subjective mind comes with the individual into life at birth, in capsule form. This is his true self. As the individual matures, the great possibilities of memory, , both race memory, (called by Carl Jung, the racial unconscious) and faint remin-iscence of its spiritual origin, gives the individual ii is religious tendencies. As his consciousness expands and his knowledge grows, he begins to have deeper insights into his own spiritual nature in the form of wonder at the great Universe and aware-ness of nature in general.

In subjective mind lie sometimes becomes aware of communications with other human minds. This is beyond physical sense functioning. In the fleshly body he is given the brain and objective mind, which functions through the brain with the outside world. It has potentials of reasoning inductively and making comparisons. Science has no recognition of how the mind functions in spiritual areas, or how intuition and inspiration operate. because it recognizes only objective mind process-es. When we understand subjective mind process, we can realize this great creative gift. We may let Freud call it the super ego; if we like.

It is in order to call the subjective mind the soul. At least it contains that which is referred to as soul, especially since it has access to Spirit in its broadest sense. The control nucleus of subjective mind is the soul, which came with man and continues after death. In sleep man travels afar in the Universe at night through his so-called subtitle body. He contacts schools of learning except when material mind has refused to recognize spiritual mind or soul. The higher the spiritual development of the individual, the higher the planes visited in sleep. Universal Mind is subjective and contains all knowledge, referred to as omniscience.

We make our own hell or heaven by our thinking and actions. Selfish desires are particularly destructive. Our thinking creates electro-magnetic fields which attract us to fields of the same vibration of life conditions. We can, by our suggestion to subjective mind, throw our Self or Soul Center out of the gravity of the material world, so to speak ‘just as does the space capsule of the astronaut travel without gravity in the higher realms. The higher our spirituality the higher the frequency of our vibrational existence. To avoid fear, persecution, and other negative complexes, one needs to he creatively growing in knowledge and insight. Time must be given to meditation for receptivity of spiritual things. Soul disharmony springs from fear. Back of fear is selfishness. Because of subjective mind origins, the Soul can become aware of its Universal Connectedness. in religious terms it is the experience of God. in some circles it is called the High Self. The experience of God is heaven from the psychological view, Longfellow writes:

                              Who in his own skill confiding,

                              Shall with rule and line

                              Mark the borderline dividing

                              human and Divine?

Thomas Hudson, author of a volume entitled The Law of Psychic Phenomena says that subjective mind is a distinct entity.. Objective..mind has the shorter memory faculties of visual, auditory and speech..memory. ..But subjective mind carries memories out of the vast areas of the past.. This is the remembrance spoken of by Plato.

Hudson offers the warning against the danger of over-concentration on one subject as can be witnessed by monomaniacs in asylums. This results from auto suggestion from objective mind to subjective mind and creates abnormal conditions when not properly balanced. It is true that certain forms of genius occur through much con-centration. This is why genius is said to be not far from insanity. The moral is, stay balanced physically, mentally and spiritually. Balance objective mind with subjective insights.

We should occasionally check the major premise in our thinking so that we always place truthful material and creative ideas in our subjective mind. The neurotic and the alcoholic tend to error in this regard. Unless we harmonize the two divisions of mind we shall tend toward insanity. It is very easy to become one-track in our think -ing. When we place an idea in subjective mind or the subconscious, it will continue to assume it in its activity, since alone, it is incapable of controversial argument. The reasoning objective mind must alter ideas placed in error in the subjective mind It is dangerous also to doubt every thing as is sometimes done in scientific research This is often blocking spiritual development among .materialists.

Our thinking on the subject of morals should be subjected to the same care since our moral philosophy at present is in great revolution. If one learns by experience before he goes overboard to readjust his reasoned thinking to constructive action, he may avoid a lifetime of regret. Universal Laws have hot been rescinded and their consideration may we11 con trovert our lose thinking on morals. Future incidents in your life have already happened in your consciousness. Your attitudes will bring about your achievements or lack of them in the future. This is part of the feedback principle in life.

When tile Unconscious accepts a suggestion to do something, creative Imagination starts to invent a way for it to be realized in an act. it is a dangerous thing to enter-tain thoughts which we do not mean. They easily slip past objective consciousness into action. It is a sad thing to have men use foul language and speak falsehoods since the higher subjective mind rebounds these negative actions at the person who emits them. One creates his own condemnation thereby, since his own subjective mind expands his own evil with himself. Such a person is not going anywhere . He is stuck in his own mire. He builds nothing for himself or for others. Man must be constantly going forward or at least looking forward. To do otherwise is poor spiritual and mental economics. The key to the mystery of living with happiness and joy is expansion and enlargement of mind and spirit.


To illustrate the power 0f mind in its possible effects, consider its use in that of suggestion. To anyone who will accept the in fluence of suggestion of another person in the area of light trance which is usually classed under hypnotism, such a person can under suggestion. Raise welts on his body such as burns or blisters. He can also be influenced to do strange acts and assume unusual behaviors. Mind energy can be directed to change behavior patterns. This has its good or very evil aspects.

Particularly good is the suggestibility to oneself, usually termed auto-suggestion , in the formation of new habit patterns of behavior directives of new goals in life, and, for self healing in illness.

In the study of consciousness one learns that not only do plants. animals, and man have various levels of consciousness but there is a form of consciousness in the atom as indicated in experiments with electrons. Observation indicates relation-ships in reactions between these various levels of consciousness as shown in the Cleve Bakster experiments, but that even in electronic experiments man himself has an involvement in those reactions.

Human body cells and organs respond to strong suggestion by one’s own mind energy. The human body has tremendous potentials for self-healing. This can be blocked only by doubt and total dependence on outside material help. But there is immediate response to one’s own mind energy and faith in healing. This process can be used as anaesthesia in pain as well. Patients have shown determination to live in spite of extreme negative body conditions although they also have at times a preference for death which Freud called the death-wish..

The power of mind can be used for vast constructive purposes in life . At times of deep desire, changed conditions will appear miraculous. Positive thinking can create a whole new personal environment and meaning to life if one will accept the responsibility for action in taking conscious control of himself. “As a man thinketh so is he.”

Properly guided thinking has its effect in health and sickness conditions. Much ill health can be avoided by proper mental conduct. This is an extensive subject in the study of metaphysical healing, or spiritual healing as it is called, when we remem-ber that subjective mind is amenable to suggestion from objective mind specific-ations. By placing the constructive thoughts in subjective mind as Jesus did, much healing can thus be accomplished. Jesus held the spiritual creative thoughts through faith, very high.

In Plato, the rational mathematical principle is that which we discover in objective mind and which can be designated the male principle in the nature of things. The intuitive, spiritual, emotional, female principle we discover in the subjective mind. (The former is described in Plato’s Republic and the latter in the Timaues. The subjective mind brings to man the elements of Divine Consciousness to temper the rational elements of objective consciousness. The aesthetic appreciation of Creation is available to man in the emotional elements of subjective mind. So spirituality is given in the inborn subjective consciousness, whereas the materialism of a scientific age swells in the humanistic philosophy of the past century through objective mind. This split between man and God is the cause of our neurotic tend-ency in society, and results from the refusal to interrelate the two functions.

Love and Brotherhood will not be shared until man becomes an integrated being. Every man must learn to love himself as contrasted to hating himself. This means that lie must apprehend amid comprehend the spiritual side of his nature and then acknowledge the divinity within him. The scriptures in both old and New Testaments tell us “Ye are gods”. Man is not basically a physical being. He is a spirit and has a body in which to dwell. It becomes the duty of education and religion to learn more about the nature of man than has hitherto yet been the case.

Kant’s a priori ideas, are exactly those of subjective mind which come into birth with the individual. The concept of universality, for example, is not observable by the senses in space and time. The non-spacial and timeless things are in a different category. So categories of the understanding, and objects in the space and time world, are the vehicles of man’s knowledge, each having their own source. This is the great distinguishing feature between man and animal. Man has the priori capacity to grasp the relationship concept which can give him universal meaning. Morality and freedom of choice become, therefore, spiritual assets as distinguished from sense objects. His are not confined to “necessity” in the animal sense.

A modern author, Alan Watts, brings our subject into focus in a slightly different presentation. He says one must learn to believe that the Self is one with the Infinite (from The Supreme Identity) From what has been learned from Osiris and now Hudson, it appears that the Subjective Self is the same Self of which Watts speaks. since this is that part of the mind which contains what we refer to as soul. We have also indicated the SOULS connection with the Universal Spirit which is the Infinite referred to by Watts. In a search for God one can begin to see some reason for the biblical statement “Ye arc gods’’, since God is within us or as we might say part of us. If God or the Infinite is part of the subjective consciousness, “He is closer than hands or feet.” In contrast to the subjective self we may then refer to the objective self as the ego. It deals with the senses and the brain in relation to the material world. ( Ego here is used with short E of course.) The subjective self becomes aware of its freedom and distinction from the current flow, of sense im pressions, since it soars into the higher of consciousness with metaphysical and spiritual understandings. It is thus aware of the ego or objective self, or Id of Freud, and its functioning, but it is aware of it as part of the total being of man and his relationship to it. So Watts finds in this situation the Supreme identity, as he calls it, the union of the Self with God or the Infinite.

When one becomes aware of this consciously, one has attained what Eastern philo-sophy calls realization. One’s consciousness of the moment is pure awareness of the Self . In contrast, the ego’s concern with past and future is to bind one to the unreality of that which is past or not yet here. The Atma of the Hindu is that which comprehends only what happens at this moment, which the infinite consciousness of Brahama comprehends all events in time in one moment. When conscious memory and anticipation arc suspended, then the experience of the moment is the projection of living in Eternity. This is, in other words, scaleless, timeless exper-ience. The ego must drop away with its pride, fear and concern for a future, if one can become aware that his concern with the future is only a fact in the present mom -ent, he can then see it as subjective self being aware of a function of the objective self, or ego. That which is the substance of awareness is the Ultimate Reality, the experience of Cosmic Consciousness for that moment, God active, or whatever other terms one may use. After all there is nothing else in the Universe but Con-sciousness, or as some of the philosophers say, Mind, If one desires union with the Infinite, all that it is necessary to do is to accept it. It is here for the taking. The fact is, one cannot escape from it. One can refuse to think of it, one can doubt it, or repress it into the subconscious, one can exercise escape mechanisms, but no one can avoid its presence . (Like the Hound of Heaven , Francis Thompson’s poem.) Every breath he draws depends on it; all his efforts at escapes are powered by it, whether he knows it or not. As soon as one brings it to his ordinary awareness, it begins to work for him and he becomes a new being. Life becomes a real joy. His problems lessen and eventually disappear. He becomes illumined. One can then learn to love God and enjoy Him forever, which is said to he the chief end of man, according to scripture. In accepting these concepts we do not say that man is God, for God is both immanent and transcendent. When man accepts this creative image of God in man he has found his soul which was in search of Ultimate Reality in the material world. Life is living itself through us. To understand the aspects of Consciousness will help us to give meaning to life.

When objective mind is allowed to take entire charge of a person and no recognition is given the subjective mind, which contains the soul, the result is repression and inhibition, which are the basis of neurosis. Lower mind without the spiritual cult-ivation of subjective mind leads to illness and mental disorder. The reason is that conscious contact with the Universal Consciousness is shut off. According to theSecond. Law of Thermodynamics, no living creative can exist unless energy comes into it from outside . Acknowledged sustenance of Cosmic Energy is shut off, if objective mind places a blocking thought in subjective mind. To evolve, man must learn to realize that all things proceed from Universal Spirit, basis of the Oneness of All Life. This consciousness sheds one’s limitations and opens up a new world for him. As Balzac says in Seraphita, “Unite the thought of the Almighty to your early affections. Thus will you love all creatures and your heart will soar high”. And Biblical advice is “Let the mind that is in Christ be in you”.

With this preface to the subject we shall inspect in more detail the levels of con-sciousness in another section of this study, since it functions in many levels and conditions, just as electricity varies in voltage, amperage. direct and indirect current and in multiphasc situations.

Our object is to find some order in the Universe for ourselves. How can there be law and order in the outer world if man does not feel at home in the inner world, in his own soul? Everyone must find for himself the deep wellsprings of life.


In a scientific age when scientists are trying to account for reason and conceptional thinking by searching for its location 0f the source in the brain structure (as illus-trated iii a radio lecture October 2, 1967 from WKAR, Lansing, Michigan), it is in order to say that material science cannot find the things of the non-material world in so simple a manner. The scientist forgets that if this is merely a material universe and man only a machine, that man would be unable to recognize himself if he is on1y a machine. An IBM machine or a typewriter do not know that they are only machines. Machines do not have CONSCIOUSNESS .at the reasoning level. The very concept of a material universe is a non-material phenomenon of mind. A mechanistic philosophy of life and the Universe cannot be scientific because the philosophy outruns materials, and philosophy is a super-scientific attribute of mind, and superior to mechanism. The ability to evaluate is a spiritual quality, .a non--material phenomenon. The scientists’.consciousness is a non-material event. In physics we deal with quantities. In metaphysics we deal with qualities. Physics deals with things. metaphysics deals with values and things in the unseen world.

The materialistic sociologist surveys communities, makes reports, but leaves people as he found them. Metaphysics deals with human qualities and seeks to deepen man’s awareness and help him evolve in his understanding of his relationship to the Universe.


The Church of Man


PORTAL Magazine, Vol. IX, No. 9. Fall 1972

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