Creative Living for Today

by: Maxwell Maltz, M. D.., F.I.C.S.

Excerpt of Preface

People live longer and longer lives these days; they benefit from government concern with their problems and from our rising standard of living. Yet they find living difficult.

I am writing this book because the need is so great, because people’s years are so wasted.

Our whole concept of living has been false; there is a drastic need to change our thinking.

We must do something about the uselessness which so many people feel; we must do something to give them back their feeling of human worth; we must help them to reassert their belief in their own self-respect.

In the last ten or twenty years we have seen the beginnings of a determined drive to win for Negroes their rights of equal opportunity and human self-respect; the same should be done for people in general, who are victims not of prejudice, but of inertia.

The individual citizen must gear himself to meet the challenges of creative living. He must will a positive change in his life pattern, in his attitude towards himself and in his image of himself as he moves constructively into the flow of life around him.

One purpose of this book to show people that they need not retreat from life into a negative pattern of living, that they can live creatively in this century of pessimism.

People must learn that when they set purposeful goals and make it a daily habit to attain them, their lives will have meaning. They must understand that life is more than a succession of twenty-four-hour vacuums. All people must understand that creative living starts now.

The chief enemy of creative living is the passive patterns into which people fall; telling themselves that they are meaningless specks in a huge world, they tend to pamper themselves on a diet of entertainment and become “watchers” in a world that passes them by.

IT IS A BASIC IDEA OF MINE THAT WHILE YOU ARE LIVING----YOU LIVE! Your days are full of goals You work to strengthen your internal resources, the success instincts within all of you, so that you go out towards the world with the best that is in you. You build a more satisfying image of yourself. You see that it is the concept of your own worth as a person that activates and reactivates the functioning of your success mechanism, your built-in capacity to achieve fulfillment, or plunges you backward into a series of failures. Thus you work to pump health and more health into your self-image, steering your mind towards productive goals, which is my concept of psycho-cybernetics.

Too much negative thinking is eating into people’s minds these days. Too many people waste their lives feeling depressed, asking what is life for.

I feel that my book will give you this hope: that life can be an adventure , that there are still new horizons, that there is no end to the spiritual frontier.

Your years need not be lived in an emotional dungeon; you can go out into life purposefully, usefully, and with pride in yourself.

It is only realistic to say that, in this “age of anxiety,” your years can be happy ones.

Maxwell Maltz, M.D.

Editor’s favorite page. ( page 8 )

Real Meaning in Your Life.

Life is something different for each person
Sad to say, some people hide , afraid to come out into the daylight.

Others may take refuge in safe, dull activities
Which will protect them from both punishment and real human experience.

There are many mechanisms with which people live out their days,
Enduring the boredom, tensing, themselves to absorb the pain.

But life should be an adventure for you----TODAY.

Life should be exciting for you----TODAY.

Life should be purposeful for you----TODAY.

This is what we explore in the pages of this book: the road towards the adventurous, exciting purposeful life. I promised to locate for you the keys to dynamic hours, creative days, meaningful years.

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