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 This is a very normal part of life, a routine thought process. We tend to learn from the past. Unfortunately, it is typically necessary to absorb a great many more bumps and bruises along the way.

I have lived for many more years than most of you have, and I have bruised my own body and mind over those years in order to learn about life. That life has turned out to be very satisfying but it could have been even more so had I known a few things, and known them earlier.

Advice is easy to come by and young people are buried in it regularly. They learn to avoid listening while looking like they are really paying attention. We all do that, things do not change that much.

Recently I spoke to a high school graduating class, noting that I had sat in their seats 45 years before. Our class had every problem the current graduates had, except parking. Families in those days had only one car and the father drove it to work.

In an attempt to spare you some bumps and bruises, I wrote down five things that I think an individual needs to incorporate as part of their life if they want to be happy and prosperous. During my life I have been all over the world, I have met virtually every kind of person that exists, and have had many and varied experiences. In my trying to list what is important in life I considered all of this. The satisfying life is oriented along these lines:

FIRST, LOVE GOD. It is not possible to handle life and the world on your own. People will tell you that strength and knowledge come from within yourself, but they are not being honest. God provides the steady foundation of your life. He is always there, always the same . To establish this relationship it is only necessary to accept His offer of Grace. Communicate with Him by prayer.

SECOND , LOVE YOUR FELLOW CREATURES. Respect for those who also live is essential to your own balanced life. The way you treat others predicts the way they will treat you. Reach out for a life of service. A kind word or gesture is worth more than a 10 million dollar grant. The more you give of yourself the more that will come flowing back to you. You will feel good about yourself.

THIRD, KEEP LEARNING. The half life of a high school education is four years . That means that half of what you have learned in high school will be obsolete or inaccurate after four years. The same is true of a college education. Therefore it is necessary to read, study and be involved in order to just be able to deal with today . People tend to switch to opinions rather than facts when they

stop learning. That is the beginning of bigotry.

FOURTH, SET GOALS. Every goal we set for ourselves needs to have a number in it. Don’t say, “1 am going to improve my knowledge of the Bible.” Say instead, “1 will read one chapter of the Bibl e each day.” Learn to set goals in this manner and you will progress rapidly.

FIFTH, BE HAPPY. The Lord created the earth and the world for us to enjoy and appreciate. Most people make their own problems through a negative attitude or a lack of understanding. Greet each day with a smile and pleasant expectations, the day will greet you back in the same manner.

We only get one trip through life . Many people waste that trip by indulging in self pity, wishful thinking and such. It is possible to grab hold of life, enjoy the trip, and leave some footprints when it is over.

I will be thinking of you.

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