A man with a club that threatens your life
is cause to be alarmed.
But a man with a club or gun or knife
Can be disarmed.

You might rout a man with a club or a gun
With a threat or frantic scream,
But beware the man....the deadliest man......
Armed with a dream!

A dream....with the faith to follow the dream,
Is keener than a blade,
For out of a dream and faith in a dream
Our world was made!

Let there be light....and there was light.
Let there be wings.....we fly,
Let there be dreams and faith in dreams.....

What a man can dream a man can do....
Trips, perhaps to the moon?
Who dares say that we canít or wonít?
Iím booking soon!

A Grand Time Living
By: Don Blanding, 1950

Editorís note:
1969 ó(19 years after his poem.)
Apollo 11. July 16-24
Neil A Armstrong First manned landing and EVA on the moon.
Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. Moon, soil & rock samples taken.
Michael Collins Experiments left on moon.

Apollo 12 Nov 14-24
Charles Conrad, Jr. Second manned lunar landing.
Richard F. Gordon Collected lunar samples.

Apollo 13 April 11-17, 1970
James A. Lovell, Jr. Third manned lunar attempt.
Fred W. Haise, Jr. Aborted due to pressure loss
John L. Swigert, Jr. In liquid oxygen system.

Apollo 14 Jan. 31 - Feb. 9, 1971
Alan B. Shepard Third manned moon landing.
Stuart A. Roosa Returned largest amount of Lunar material ever.

Apollo 15 July 26 - Aug. 7, 1971
David R. Scott Fourth manned lunar landing.
James B. Irwin 1st use Lunar Rover. 1st live
Alfred M..Worden pictures of LM lift-off.

Apollo 16 April 16-27, 1972
John W. Young Fifth manned lunar landing.
K. Mattingly 2nd use Lunar Rover.
Charles M..Duke,Jr. on moon: Record 20hrs+.

Apollo 17 Dec. 7 -19, 1972
Eugene A. Cernan Sixth and Last manned landing
Ronald E. Evans Lunar landing. 3rd to use rover.
Harrison H.Schmitt Lunar Rover.
Cernan and Schmitt , during 3 EVAís Totaled: 22hrs + on moon.

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