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December 8, 1997.

The Facts

Few issues have divided science and religion more than the theory of evolution. Since Charles Darwin first proposed living beings evolved from a single cell in a process of natural selection, he has had many supporters—most embracing the theory with a fervor usually reserved for religious faith.

But evidence from within the scientific community, itself, is beginning to raise questions over the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution.

“These questions are inherently religious,” explains public policy professor, Dr. John Munday. “[When] we talk about origins, let’s go ahead and acknowledge that and say that while we’re going to concentrate on the scientific explanation, it may be appropriate to at least touch on the religious question, show the connection and then move on.”

New voices, many with secular credentials, are beginning to question aspects of evolution once taken as articles of faith. “If you think about it, one animal turning into another, and you don’t know how it happens, it’s kind of like watching Dr. Jekyll turn into Mr. Hyde.” Says professor and bio-chemist, Mike Behe.

In his book, Darwin’s Black Box, Behe exposed a fundamental flaw in Darwin’s theory: assumptions about the building block of life, the cell. “They thought it was a simple thing, kind of like a little blob of Jell-O. In the last 50 years, we found out that [cells are] far from being simple.”

In fact, Behe says, cells are irreducibly complex and their parts will not work apart from one another.

Phillip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial, agrees, saying, “one thing we do not know for sure is [if] you can create complex biological structures without pre-existing intelligence.”

Other recent developments have also chipped away at the faith of evolutionists. Biologists at the University of North Carolina found that fingers on the wings of birds, differ from their prehistorical predecessors—making it impossible for birds to have evolved from dinosaurs.

This past fall, famed biological drawings by Ernest Haeck were exposed as a fraud. Haeck had attempted to show the similarities of all living things by comparing their embryos; that would show a common origin and support evolutionary theory. But it turned out Haeck intentionally left out the differences.

“I think the scientific world itself will have to kill Darwinism because its own standards of integrity are not going to permit the great mass of scientists to rely on the kind of obfuscation and misdirection that you have to keep that dying theory alive,” contends Johnson.

Although the battle between theologians and scientists regarding the origins of man and nature, has raged for decades, an accumulating amount of evidence seems to be causing some scientists to re-examine the role an intelligent designer might have played in the origins of life.

—Based on a CBS News report by David Snyder

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