by: Cathy MacDonald

I could not repay your commitment to my life
by expressing my gratitude with any amount of words,
but only with the deep love and respect
held for you within my heart.
You have been so much a part of any decision,
both conscious and not.
that I have ever made.

And though you may have thought
that all those years of advice and ideas
you gave me
just slipped through me without a pause,
I can honestly say that those values
Are now so greatly used
in my search for myself.

You are one of the greatest
and most guiding forces in my life,
and no matter how high your expectations
of me might be,
I promise you that I will make you proud of me.
I may not always be right in my choices,
but I may not always be able
to take chances, and for now I must follow my heart.

My father.....
Words can be arranged in any number
of beautiful ways,
but none are so beautiful as those
spoken from the heart,
and these have come from deep
Within mine-----

I love you

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