Dead, skinned, and cleaned meaty thing.

                    Acquired or donated veggies

                    Seasonings you acquired at the last eat-out place

                    Stream, or well water, or pump water (if pump used recently)

                              (A puddle is not recommended except in springtime.)

Thoroughly clean and wash all debris, hair, feathers, car parts, headlight glass, rock, sand and gravel from meaty thing. (This part has a lot to do with the eventual outcome of stew)

Cut: ALL of the meaty thing being used into stew-sized pieces.

I mean it....EVERYTHING....your guests won’t know what they’re chewing anyway, and it does really help bulk out the stew. (You’ll see) Try real hard not to leave any piece of the meaty thing in a recognizable size. Remember momma, “waste not, want not!”

Add: all ingredients to stew pot, being sure not to forget anything your quest brought to contribute. This is their day too.

Cover, simmer until meaty thing is well cooked.

Could serve from 1 to 100, or more, depending on the size of meaty thing used and size of portions served

Excellent for political fund-raisers or weddings

Serve and enjoy with your favorite wine or beer. Ripple and Natural Lite are two excellent choices. Add a Milky Way or Snickers bar for dessert and you’ll really make this meal a top candidate for your next dinner party. It’s really economical and the all-in-one-bowl meal that the busy homemaker will love and appreciate.

Don’t even think of thanking us because it’s our pleasure in life to share.

Boxcar Mike


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