Arthur S. DeMoss

American Bald Eagle

F or thousands of years, the eagle has been admired for its grandeur, its grace in flight, and its great size and awesome power. The soaring eagle is also a stirring picture of the true meaning of liberty. Assisted by his powerful wings, the eagle glides effortlessly to altitudes of over 2,400 feet and is capable of using his wings to carry other eagles to safety. Turbulent winds only cause him to fly higher and faster. The eagle’s keen eyesight enables him to he sensitive to approaching danger and to protect himself and his family. The eagle displays the sense of responsibility that is a companion of genuine liberty. He mates for life and returns to the same nest each year, making necessary repairs and additions. He takes an active role in providing for his family and in teaching his young to fly. In so many ways, the eagle illustrates the life, victory, power, and freedom that Jesus Christ came to give those of us who place our faith in Him. The eagle also pictures many of those character qualities that made America great and that must he re-instilled in our generation if we are to preserve for our children and grandchildren the freedom which God has so graciously entrusted to us.

My father, Arthur S. DeMoss, was a man of such character. He was a freedom- loving American. And he sought to exercise that freedom responsibly, and to ensure that it would he maintained for subsequent generations. More than anyone else I have ever known, his life embodied the principles of God’s Word. His success in the eyes of the world as an entrepreneur, in the eyes of his family as a devoted husband and father, and in the eyes of heaven as a committed man of God, was a tribute to the value of wholehearted surrender to God and His Word.

Perhaps the most significant accomplishment of his 53 years on this earth, was the spiritual protection, provision, and direction he gave to his wife and seven children. The enduring legacy he left to his family was the conviction that our lives must he lived with the supreme purpose to please God and to radiate the light and truth of His ways to a spiritually dark and needy generation. Today, his vision and ideals are continuing to be fulfilled through the countless organizations and individuals whose lives he touched. It is with humble gratitude to God that this book is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my godly father, with the prayer that God will raise up in our day a new generation of men, women, and young people who walk with God-men and women who are committed, whatever the cost, to see His righteousness restored in the hearts, homes, and institutions of our land.


Editor: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation


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