God's Little Devotional Book - Story #1

Many a parent has moaned with regard to their children who are young adults and away from home:”I did everything I knew to do to be a good parent, and it looks as if nothing has worked.” In fact, the good seeds that the parents have sown are still planted deep .in the soil of the child’s life. It’s at this point that the parents must turn to the only thing he or she can do effectively: pray!

Pray daily. Pray persistently. Pray specifically.

And above all, pray with the faith that God not only hears, but will answer!

A man once said to his friend, “I believe if you thought the Lord told you to jump through a stone wall, you’d jump.” The friend replied.”If the Lord told me to jump through a wall, it would be my business to jump, and it would be His business to make a hole!”

The same goes for parenting. The Lord tells us to do our part—to raise our children up according to His commandments and to the best of the knowledge we have–and then we must trust Him to de His part in our children’s lives.

You can sow, but only God can grow.

Trust Him to do that work in your child’s life today.

To bring to life that which is dormant, and to cause your child to grow and flourish into the fullness of the stature of Christ Jesus!

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