God's Little Devotional Book - Story #2

When Frank arrived at the Pearly Gates, he very quickly found himself standing face to face with an impressive angelic being holding a clipboard. The angle told Frank he needed to get some “entry data”—name, address, age, a few other particulars. As part of the form completion, the angle said, “Frank, if would help greatly if you could identify at least one of your experiences from your life on earth in which you did a purely unselfish, good, kind deed.”

Frank thought for a few seconds and then said,”Well, I think I have something that just might qualify. One day as I was walking, I came upon a little, frail, old lady that was being beaten mercilessly by a rough, tough, dirty motorcycle gang member.

He was beating and smacking her around so I stepped right up and pushed over his motorcycle—but only to distract him. Then I kicked him real hard in the shins and shouted to the old lady to run for help.Then I got excited and put my fist right into the guy’s stomach real hard. I think the old lady made it to safety.

“Wow, Wow!” the angle replied, real wide-eyed. “That is very impressive.”

Then with pen poised on his clipboard, he asked., “When did this happen?” Frank looked at his watch and replied, “Oh, two or three minutes ago.”

Make today a perfect day by doing
something for someone who can
never repay you!

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