God's Little Devotional Book - Story #3

Eight of the most powerful money magnates in the world gathered for a meeting at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, in 1923.

The combined resources and assets of these eight men tallied more than the U.S. Treasury that year. In the go up were:

  • Charles Schwab, President of a steel company, and
  • Richard Whitney, President of the New York Stock Exchange, and
  • Arthur Cutton, a Wheat speculator.
  • Albert Fall, a Presidential Cabinet member,
  • Jesse Livermore, the greatest Wall Street “bear” in his generation.
  • Leon Fraser, the President International Bank of Settlements, and
  • Ivan Krueger, headed the largest monopoly in the nation.

An impressive gathering of financial eagles!

What happened to these fabulous men in later years?

  • Schwab died penniless.
  • Whitney served a life sentence in Sing Sing Prison.
  • Cutton became insolvent.
  • Fall was pardoned from a Federal Prison so he might die at home.
  • Fraser, Livermore and Krueger committed suicide.

Seven of these eight famous, extremely rich men had lives that turned out disastrous..

What a mistake it is to think that you control what you have— be it life or money!

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