God's Little Devotional Book - Story #6

Imagine for a moment that your banker suddenly announced this as their new bank policy to commence immediately:

Every morning your personal account with us
will be automatically credited with $86,400.00
However, you will not be able to, or allowed , to
carry any balance from day to day Every
evening , at close of business, your account will
be cancelled and whatever remaining balance
you have failed to use during the day will
revert to us at the bank. (Effective immediately)

What would you do?

Why, you’d draw out every cent of the $86,400.00 each day and spent it, save it, or invest it as wisely as possible. Before long you could be a very wealthy person, indeed!

Actually, you already have a similar policy with an account called “Time.”

Each and every morning you are given the prospect of 86,400 seconds.

At the close of the 24 hour period, the moments you have failed to withdraw and invest in some good purpose are ruled off your ledger. Time carries no balance from day to day. It allows no overdrafts. Each day a new account is opened to you. If you fail to withdraw and use each day’s deposit, the loss is yours.

Those who truly love life use time to the maximum. They make their days count rather than counting their days!

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