God's Little Devotional Book - Story #7

Two hunters chartered a plane to fly them into a very remote region in Canada so that they might hunt for elk. The plane returned for them a few days later as per their arrangement with the pilot. Indeed, the hunters had enjoyed a very successful hunt—the two men had bagged six elk between them. A lot to show for their effort.

When the pilot explained to them that his plane could only carry four of the elk, the hunters protested, “But the plane that we chartered last year was exactly like this one. It had the same horsepower engine, the weather was just the same, and we got to take all six elk that time.”

Hearing this the pilot reluctantly agreed to take all six elk as the other pilot had. The plane really struggled during take off, but was unable to gain sufficient altitude to climb out of the tree covered valley. It crashed near the top of the mountain into the tall trees. To their great good fortune all three of the men survived.

As the hunters stumbled out of the wreckage, one of them asked the dazed ;pilot, “Do you know where we are?” He mumbled, “No!” The other hunter looked around for a moment and then said confidently, “I think, no, I’m quite sure, we are about one mile north of the spot where we crashed last year!”

Mistakes are meant to lead to wisdom, not to future error.

Teach your child to draw lessons from his skinned knees and bruised elbows.

He’ll have less pain and fewer scrapes in his adult life.

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