God's Little Devotional Book - Story #8

A mother and her children went looking for a Father’s Day card one year. Suddenly, the youngest of the four children shouted with glee, “I found it!” “I found it” After each of the other children had read the card they passed it to their mother with a unanimous vote----and fortunately, a laugh: “This is it, Mom! This is for Dad.”

The Mom took the card and saw that it had been written to indicate a small child’s block printing. On the front of the card was a little boy with dirty sneakers. They were untied, naturally. His cap was twisted to one side, his jeans were worn and torn. He obviously was dirty and sweaty from playing hard outside. He was holding onto the handle of a little wagon, loaded with broken toys and an old baseball bat. In his hip pocket you could see a sling shot hanging. His right eye was black, and he had a Band-Aid stuck on his left forearm. The front of the card read:

“Dad, I’ll never forget that little prayer you
said for me every day.”

And then on the inside of the card were these words:
“God help you if you ever do that again!”

Discipline your child as a display of power, and they’ll fear you....and eventually distrust you.....and then hate you!

Discipline your child out of love, and with love, however, and they’ll respect you for it.

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