God's Little Devotional Book - Story #9

Stonecutters use an interesting process to engrave granite. They first paint over a slab of polished granite with a thin coat of rubber. The design for the engraving is penciled onto the rubber and then the rubber is cut away exposing the design area desired. Then, using compressed air the stonecutter blasts sand against the exposed surface, cutting the granite surface to the desired depth; called “etching”.

The rubber surface in not affected and continues to protect the granite.

Sand can be blown upon the rubber surface for an hour without making an imprint on the polished granite, even though the same sand blown against the unprotected granite for that long would make a hole in it.

Why? You ask.

The granite stone resists stubbornly and is worn away, but the rubber is resilient and absorbs the shock without damage.

How resilient and flexible are you with your child? Do offer resistance to their high-energy, erratic behavior, so that they wear you out? Or do you accept your child’s unpredictability and energy as a part of life, going with the flow of their moods and interests in a way that leaves you personally unscathed?

When you are in the presence of your child,

        think rubber,

            instead of granite.

                 You’ll last longer!

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