God’s Little Devotional Book

( For Dads )


Virtually every father knows what a “good dad”.should be and do.

Equally so, virtually every person can use an occasional reminder of what he knows to be good, just, and true.

God’s Little Devotional Book for Dads serves as such a reminder!

In this book, you’ll find short ( limited in most cases to one page) to-the-point illustrations and stories that sometimes explain, sometimes amuse, and sometimes hit hard. They are linked to quotations----both familiar and new----and to passages of Scripture, so that each devotional provides a message that is both timely and timeless.

In many cases, you’ll find these devotionals provide excellent anecdotes to share with your children. And on those occasions in which you are asked to lead a devotional time—perhaps for an organization to which you or one of your children belong—you’ll find this book a ready reference for sharing a brief message that is meaningful and memorable.

The Word of God gives as the principle for acquiring God’s truth in our lives: “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line, here a little, and there a little” (Isaiah 28:10) God’s Little Devotional Book for Dads-----guaranteed to provide insight and inspiration to fathers everywhere.

Honor Books , Inc. (1995)
P. O. Box 55388,
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74155

Editor's Note:

The layout and design of God’s Little Devotional Book (for Dads) (1995) consists of a quotation (familiar and/or new) on the odd-numbered pages (left side) on the top thereof, followed by a Scripture just below that; which in combination sets the tone for the story that appears (one full page in length) on the opposite side (even number page).

As a teaser, a promise of things to come, we have printed a few of each below.

So as not to spoil anything in the book, which you dads will want to read, we took some from both sides of the book at random: so, they don’t have but half of the story for you to examine. (A teaser, so to speak)

Relax, there are 343 pages to keep you busy trying to find the other half of what we have shown you here. (Little book refers to its size: 5" x 7")

The Editor ( A Dad also)

Devotional Saying #1Devotional Story #1
Devotional Saying #2Devotional Story #2
Devotional Saying #3Devotional Story #3
Devotional Saying #4Devotional Story #4
Devotional Saying #5Devotional Story #5
Devotional Saying #6Devotional Story #6
Devotional Saying #7Devotional Story #7
Devotional Saying #8Devotional Story #8
Devotional Saying #9Devotional Story #9

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