The first men to cross Australia from south to north didn’t live to boast of their feat.

Robert O’Hara Burke and William John Wills left Melbourne in 1860 on one of the best~equipped expeditions to explore down under: 24 Indian camels, 28 horses, 80 pairs of shoes, and 20 camp beds. After food supplies dwindled, the pair ate their camels. Burke and Wills died of starvation in 1861, on the banks of Cooper’s Creek.

 Aspiring NHL goalies owe a debt to Sir John Franklin, who perished in 1847 as he sought the Northwest Passage.

On an 1825 expedition to Canada, Franklin and crew took to the winter ice with sticks in their hands and blades tied to their boots, “By thus participating in their amusements,” Franklin wrote. “the hearts and feelings of the whole. party were united in one common desire, ‘and ice hockey was born.

Polar explorer Robert Peary sacrificed a lot in his effort to become the man to reach the North Pole . “A few toes aren’t much to give,” on an 1899 trek, when several digits came off he removed his boots.

To learn Arctic travel skills, the polar explorer lived among the Greenland lInuit, fathering a second family with his mistress, Aleqaxina It wasn’t until 1909 that he claimed the prize.

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