Don’t Believe Your Eyes.

Square (22K)

Squashed Square:

The sides are all perfectly straight.

The circles trick your eye into thinking the sides of the square bend.

Checkerboard Rugs:

Rugs (12K)

 Both rugs are exactly the same size.

 But your brain locks onto the long curved side of the first rug and

 compares it to the short curved side of the other.

Hidden Rope Trick:

Ropes (9K)

If you guessed the top one, you’re wrong

Put a ruler to it and see for yourself.

This illusion wouldn’t work if the ropes were horizontal or vertical.

It’s the slant that fools the eye.

Top Hat:

Hat (13K)

The height and width are actually the same size.

When perpendicular lines of the same length meet—and one is horizontal,

the other vertical—the “height” will always look longer.

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