Purchase (or catch, if possible) 1 elephant

                    Dress and then cut into small pieces.

                    50 lbs. carrots, peeled and cut into 11/2" pieces

                    80 lbs. potatoes, cut into halves (peeling not required)

                    25 lbs. LARGE , brown onions, halved

                    15 boxes salt

                    15 cloves garlic, crushed

                    5 lbs. pepper, black, fresh ground (preferably)

                    1 box bay leaves

                    100 gal. water, spring or distilled

                    1 pinch basil, or to taste

In one LARGE pot, (preferably cast iron)

Place cut up pieces of elephant & water into pot

      Place on LARGE stove, or if one is not available

                    build fire under pot, outdoors

Bring to boiling – boil for 32 hours

Add: vegetables and seasoning

          Reduce heat and continue to simmer for 4 hours

          (Until elephant meat is tender) may require some more time.

                    (Age of elephant comes into play at this point)

Serves small to medium sized community or large extended family

Especially complimented with a barrel or two of red wine.

Judy Rose, Hat Creek, CA


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