May I open my eyes in the morning with the Holy

                              Name on my lips.

                    May I see Divinity everywhere and in everyone.

                    May I never hurt anyone and may I never be

                              afraid of anyone.

                    May I be inspired to choose persuasive words,

                              loving language, creative and positive thoughts

                              to bring peace and good will throughout the world.

                    May my meditation deepen so I can draw upon the

                              Source of all life for healing myself and the world.

                    May I fall asleep at night with the Holy Name on

                              my lips, healing my wounds and preparing me

                              for another day of service.


— From the Invocations to the Upanishads

Translated by Eknath Easwaran

This passage describes the power of the mantram, or Holy Name. The mantram is a short spiritual formula for the highest power we can conceive of — whether we call it God, or the ultimate reality, or the Self within. You don’t need to subscribe to any religion to benefit from the mantram — you simply have to be willing to try it. For a list of mantrams and to learn more about how to use them, see The Mantram Handbook, or visit our Web site at: www.nilgiri.org/mantram

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