MAKE ME too brave to lie or be unkind.

         Make me too understanding, too, to mind

         The little hurts companions give, and friends,

         The careless hurts that no one quite intends.

         Make me too thoughtful to hurt others so.

         Help me to know

         The inmost hearts of those for whom I care,

         Their secret wishes, all the loads they bear,

         That I may add my courage to their own.

         May I make lonely folks feel less alone,

         And happy ones a little happier yet.

         May I forget

         What ought to be forgotten; and recall

         Unfailing, all

         That ought to be recalled, each kindly thing,

         Forgetting what might sting.

         To all upon my way,

         Day after day,

         Let me be joy, be hope! Let my life sing!

                            MARY CAROLYN DAVIES

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